The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) is a worldwide association of orthodox Anglican churches, working to maintain the catholic faith and resist the secularization of the Church to preserve the "faith once delivered to the saints" in its Anglican form. These are often referenced as traditional, continuing or anglo-catholic.

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The Affirmation of St Louis
The definitive document that de facto created the Traditional Anglican Communion and to which its membership subscribe. It also forms the basic statement of several closely related groups.
Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament
The Confraternity consists of Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Communicants of both sexes who are practicing Catholics and members of, or in Communion with, the Episcopal Church. Its objects include the promotion of the observance of the Catholic and primitive practice of receiving the Holy Communion fasting according to present Catholic Custom. Contains further information, history and contact details.
Forward in Faith
Main site for the traditionalist, mainly anglo-catholic organisation of clergy, laity and parishes. Includes position papers, parish lists and other resources.
The Prayer Book Society of Canada
Founded originally in the UK to promote the use of the Book of Common Prayer, it has branches in several countries and continents. Contains extensive links to publications, resources, BCP parishes and other branches of the organization as well as contact information.
Quodlibet Online Journal: The Oxford Movement and the 19th-Century Episcopal Church: by Larry Crockett
An article on the Oxford Movement which revitalized the Anglo-Catholic life in the Anglican Church.
The Sodality of the Most Holy Rosary
A spiritual association made up of men and women who meet on a regular basis within their own parishes to recite the Rosary either in the church or in member's homes. Contains a history timeline of the Rosary as well as scripture and prayers.
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