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Acolyte Software
Free software for church management, accounting and religious education.
ACS Technologies
Church management, school administration and denominational office software and services.
Ascribe Data Systems
Provides ministries with online tools to manage information, assign tasks, send email and to build community.
By The Book
Management software for churches and nonprofits of all sizes.
A full featured church management software solution.
CCIS Software
Solutions for three challenges: membership/attendance, fund accounting and payroll.
CDM Plus
Tracks membership, attendance, contributions, fund accounting, payroll, event registration and facilities management.
Church Books
Church management software for tracking and recording member contributions.
Church Community Builder
Church management software and services focused on helping church leaders be more effective.
Church Insight
Web based solution to managing your church community. Tracks membership, attendance, schedules and mailings.
Church Management Solutions
Church management software and services. Offers overview, products, support and training.
Church Office Online
Online church management software. Attendance; calendars; contributions; directories; nightly backups.
Church Windows
Church management software designed for Windows operating systems.
ChurchAssist Technologies
Helps churches and ministries use technology to reach their full potential.
Web-based software from Austin Solutions designed to manage all aspects of church operations.
Online church management software offers demonstration, pricing, and contact details.
Network ready software for tracking payroll, accounting, attendance, membership, and contributions.
Church management system designed to track membership, attendance, contributions, prospects, and finances.
Built for the small church, it keeps track of participation, contributions, non-contribution income, donations, etc.
Manages membership, contributions, visitation, small groups, attendance, facilities, events, and Sunday school. Includes hundreds of predefined, customizable reports.
Concordia Technology Solutions
Church management software for tracking, membership, attendance, contributions, and church finance. St. Louis, MO.
Courtyard is a hosted web application for managing, printing, and sharing family contact information within churches and other organizations.
Freeware that functions as a church volunteer scheduler.
Church Management Software: tracks donors, donations and pledges. Print or email tax receipts, also prints color photo directories and offering envelopes.
E-Church Essentials, LLC
Web-based ministry management program that supports spiritual formation ministry efforts.
Ekklesia 360
Web-based church content management, contact management, assimilation/member management and event registration system.
Church management software that helps people grow through your church's disciple-development process. Tracks small groups, ministry teams, and classes.
Complete church management software - Specifically designed for churches with small groups. Tracks members, visitors, groups, contributions.
Faithful Steward
From Diakonia Software, church software that manages membership, donations and also links with accounting software.
Fellowship One
Fellowship One is a web-based church management software application.
Church membership software which tracks contributions, members, pledges, attendance and groups.
Helpmate Technology Solutions
Church management software that handles contributions and pledges, contacts, visitations, group membership and reminders. Union, KY.
Icon Systems, Inc.
Web based and Windows based church management software with membership and fund accounting
Windows-based accounting package for church treasurers. Handles check writing, receipts, budgeting, reports, bank reconciliation and NSF checks.
Members To Action Church Software
Church management software for tracking attendance and contributions, and for matching members' spiritual gifts with ministries.
Offering Helper
Church management software that lets you maintain donation records as well as print year-end receipts.
Software and web services for parishes and dioceses to organize, collaborate, and communicate.
Designed to create printable membership directories for churches and other member-driven organization.
PowerChurch Plus
Church management software, manages membership, accounting, and contribution information.
RDS Advantage
Church management software solution for Windows.
Richmond Software
Church management system with membership, collections, financial, attendance, English and French languages.
Sacramental Scribe
Software for parishes to record Sacraments, produce register reports, and create Certificates
Track contributions, members, regular attendees, visitors, small groups, volunteers, pledges, spiritual gifts, etc.
Servant Keeper
Software for church management that handles membership, contributions, attendance, scheduling, and attributes.
Shelby Systems
Management software for churches, denominational headquarters and related faith-based ministries.
Specialty Software
Developers of church management software for Windows and Macintosh computers.
Thunder Software
Church record keeping as it relates to families to track participation and progress in ministries, small groups, events, classes and giving.
Torbert Data Systems
Church Management Software for tracking membership, donations, fund accounting and event tracking.
Total Church Software
Church management software including; membership, attendance, financial, accounting, follow-up and gifting.
Web based youth and student ministry software for managing and building a strong community.
Creates, maintains, and hosts websites for provides churches, youth ministries, and other faith based organizations.
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