This category deals with sources of and information about Bible software, either complete "electronic Bibles" which can be read and searched on your computer, or other programs that consist primarily of scripture used in some way. Most of the software containing the complete Bible also includes reference and study material (dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, study guides, etc.). For this sort of material without the Bible, please see the subcategory Bible Study . For free Bible software, please see the subcategory Freeware .

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Bible Missionary
A Bible Program for all Languages
Bible Software Review
News, articles, and reviews of Bible software. Includes freeware, shareware, and commercial products.
The Bible Technologies Group: The OSIS Website
Providing standards for authoring, production, and delivery of documents across media using Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS), an XML schema for marking up Scripture and related text.
Makers of the PC Study Bible. Information, updates, product purchase, and free demo on this site.
BibleWorks Software
Original languages Bible research software program. Contains 90+ Bibles in 28 languages. Includes Greek, Hebrew, the LXX, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish. Lexicons, dictionaries, and morphology tools.
The Chan
Bible software forums and downloads.
Cross Country Software
Canadian sales of Online Bible CD with 15 English versions, 40 other language versions, commentaries, dictionary, lexicon. CDs of Church history, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Reformation history, and the Rembrandt Bible. Free Online Bible downloads in 25 languages.
Datacute Concordance
Shareware for Palm, available for several translations.
Discount Bible Software
Biblesoft, Logos, Epiphany, Nelson, Mac and children's software. Secure online ordering, FAX, or call toll-free in the U.S.
Free Bible study software for Windows which has many Bible versions, commentaries, Bible dictionaries and other study helps. It is also available for Pocket PCs.
E4 Bible Library
Includes wide range of public domain Bible translations, other resources, and powerful software. Initial package is free except for $8 s/h; subsequent volumes available at discount, but not free.
Fully indexed electronic KJV Bible taking up less than 1.4Mb of disk space (DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, OS/2 and Netware compatible). Sample Gospels program for evaluation prior to purchasing.
Epiphany Software
Publishers of Bible Explorer, a complete Bible software reference library for Windows.
Children's Bible; GreekMaster; various Bible study, teaching, and devotional tools. Windows screen savers with audio from several books of the Bible (KJV or NIV). Samples and demos available.
HolyBible by Explan Computers
Fully RISC OS compliant, multi-windowed, multi-version Bible study application for all Acorn and other computers running RISC OS 3.1 or later.
Kirkbride Bible and Technology
Thompson Chain-Reference Bible Study Library with up to ten English translations, reference materials, and study tools; interactive Treasure Study Bible for kids. Windows (3.1 and up), STEP compatible.
KwikMind Software
Offering "One-Click" Bible Study with LOGOS Bible Software Series X products. Feeding your mind... Refreshing your spirit... Enriching your life.
Commercial Bible study software for handheld PCs running Windows CE and palmtops running the PalmOS. NIV, RSV or KJV Bible.
Libronix Corporation
A wholly owned subsidiary of Logos Research Systems, Inc., and developers of the Logos Library System. Site gives details and recent news about the system.
Olive Tree Bible Software
Bibles and study tools available for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android.
Online Publishing, Inc.: Power Bible CD
Windows-based. Bible translations, dictionaries, topical references, commentaries, cross-references.
Parsons Bible Study Software
QuickVerse (STEP-compatible), QuickVerse add-ons, Bible Illustrator, Membership Plus, and other software. 32-bit Windows only.
Silver Mountain Software
Provides professors, students and pastors with the original language texts and tools they need for serious study and research in the original languages.
Searchable (Latin) Vulgate translation with Douay-Rheims translation in parallel columns.
Electronic Bible library system. Forty popular Bible translations and thousands of reference works.

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