This category lists sites which contain free Christian graphics to be used in a computer applications such as a web page or other document. It also lists directories of such sites. It will not list a site just because it contains Christian graphics. For example, if the graphics are there to illustrate a poem, then the site should be classified under poetry not graphics. If the graphics illustrate art for sale, then the site should be classified under art or shopping, not graphics. Some sites offer graphics for use in web pages, and offer the same artwork for sale on mugs, t-shirts, and other items. As long as the graphics are also available for free computer use, the site can be listed here. Websites with original graphics are what is sought here. Not pages of graphics taken from other sites.

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3D Animation Gallery
3D web art, static and animated; includes Christian symbols and text, although secular images are present as well.
Atlantic Fish
Christian clip art and some backgrounds. Sizes are specified for all artwork. Includes both color and black and white images.
Brinney's Christian Graphics
Scripture and inspirational plaques, banners and dividers.
Christian images, photos, activity sheets, illustrated story books, verse art and radio station listings.
Christian Designs
Christian tile and border backgrounds and other graphics.
Cards and desktop wallpapers for all occasions.
Crystal Cloud Graphics
Backgrounds and some gifs, including animated crosses. Includes graphics for Judaism and other religions as well.
Dee*signs by dee
Buttons, borders, backgrounds, scriptures, and sets.
Free Christian Clip Art
Clipart (mostly black and white) and tips on church publicity and graphics.
Jagnow Galleries
Includes original religious graphics for web pages: clipart, backgrounds, banners, animated gifs, midis, buttons and dividers.
Last Day Warriors
Includes free web graphics, Flash intros, web templates, buttons, banners, and other graphics with a Christian theme. Affordable web hosting available.
Mommy's Graphics
Background sets, scripture graphics, and some animation.
Religious Icons and Images Archive
Images for web pages. Has a large section of United Methodist graphics. Images are in zip files and are not viewable on site.
Banners, clip art and backgrounds - all with a solid Christian theme
Whytehouse Graphics
Animations, graphics, screensavers, javascripts, java applets, and midis.

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