Christian Societies/Communities have developed over the years from that of the disciples to monasteries and now include various groups of people with a common mission. Each group's focus may differ widely from another. From regional outreach, purposes of political, spiritual, metaphysical or theoretical reasons.

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Aggressive Christianity
The Shimrana Ekklesia Community led by James and Deborah Green in Fence Lake, New Mexico. Visions, beliefs, and sermons.
Multi-denominational community in Georgia (USA).
The Bruderhof
An international communal movement of families and singles who seek to put into action Christ’s command to love God and neighbor.
Common Union
A continually forming, urban monastic community of faith in San Diego, CA. Committed to daily seek the Creator.
The Community of Celebration
A lay religious order in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. Description of ministries, Rule of Life, photos, and music shop.
Community of Jesus
An ecumenical Christian community in the Benedictine monastic tradition. Located in Orleans, Massachusetts.
Community of Saint Benedict
A group of monks living in the Benedictine tradition in Enfield, CT, USA.
The Community of the Franciscan Way
An emerging Catholic Worker Community in the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.
The Core Downtown
An authentic community in downtown Springfield, MO, that offers worship services, live music, art exhibits, discussion groups, coffee.
Jesus People USA
Both an intentional Christian community and a worshipping church located in Chicago.
Kanaan - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary
Interdenominational Christian community with headquarter in Darmstadt, Germany. Founded by M. Basilea Schlink in the aftermath of World War II. Branch ministries in Israel, U.S.A., and Australia.
Koinonia Farms
Christian farm community founded in 1942. Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity.
The Lindisfarne Community
An ecumenical neo-monastic religious order in the U.K. with a heart for spirituality and service.
Monastery of Sister Clarisas
Monastery of cloistered nun in Aquila de Campoos, Spain honoring St. Clare.
New Creation Christian Community (aka. Jesus Army)
A large evangelical Christian Community. Provides information on the Jesus Army community lifestyle with a comprehensive list of links to Christian Communities on the web.
Northumbria Community
A geographically dispersed and strongly ecumenical community living in the spiritual tradition of monasticism, with an identity rooted in the history and spiritual heritage of Celtic Northumbria.
Oratory of Filippo Neri in Germany
German Federation of the Oratory - Deutsche Foederation des Oratoriums des Heiligen Philipp Neri
Rose Creek Village
A Christian community in Western Tennessee which features Arts, music, construction, and natural childbirth services.
An international Christian fellowship dedicated to sharing God's Word and love with counterculture youth. Features fundamental beliefs, endtime news, music, and products.
Twelve Tribes Communities - Commonwealth of Israel
A community spread over 50 locations in 9 countries, sharing a common life including all possessions after the example of the early church.
A collaboratively edited encyclopedia about The Family/Children of God cult.
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