Philipp Melanchthon [Melancthon] (1497-1560) humanist scholar, university professor, and Reformation theologian, was called the "Teacher of Germany" because of his efforts to improve educational standards. A tireless writer, a few of his more famous works include: Loci Communes Theologici (first issued in 1521 but often revised as his thinking matured), the Augsburg Confession (1530), and Commentary on Romans (1540).

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Apology of the Augsburg Confession (1531)
The reformer's response to the Roman Catholic Confutation, a critique of the original Lutheran statement of belief.
The Augsburg Confession
Etext at Project Gutenberg.
Augsburg Confession (1530)
Written by the reformer on behalf of Luther and the Evangelical leaders, dealing with similarities and differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran party.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Philipp Melancthon
Extensive article, informative but anti-Lutheran. Thorough examination of his humanism and his contributions to western educational theory and practice.
The Contributions of Philipp Melancthon
Extensive article about one man's attempt to understand the reformer in his context. Includes biography, examination of his Loci Communes Theologici and Romans Commentary, and his place in the Book of Concord.
Internet Archive: Life of Philip Melanchthon
E-text of 1897 biography by Joseph Stump with numerous woodcut illustrations.
Internet Archive: Philip Melanchthon, 1497-1560
E-text of 1897 work by George Wilson for the London Religious Tract Society.
Internet Archive: Philip Melancthon: The Wittemberg Professor and Theologian of the Reformation
E-text of 1890 biography by David J. Deane, a popular introduction written for the general reader.
Melanchthon, Philipp. Paulus Spricht zu den Colossern (Paul Speaks to the Colossians)
Includes a brief biography, and a transcription of a meditation from a manuscript dated 1551.
People in Luther's Environment: Philipp Melanchthon
Includes a brief biography, picture, and timeline.
Philipp Melanchthon and Education
Deals especially with his influence on German schools and on his impact on the substance and methodology of Reformed schools.
The Phillip Melanchthon Quinquennial
Biography and background commemorating the 500th anniversary (1997) of the Reformer's birth.
Project Wittenberg: Philip Melanchthon
Etexts including the his "History of the Life" and "Acts of Martin Luther" in English and Latin, the Augsburg Confession, and links to other works and evaluations of the reformer.
Wikipedia: Philipp Melanchthon
Biography and accomplishments.

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