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'Origin of Christianity' and Judaism
Article on what Jesus and Paul taught. Christian doctrine. Includes sections on Paul and the Gospels, on concurrent corresponding changes in Judaism.
Hebraic Roots ministry researching Judaism and early Christianity.
Bridges for Peace
Bridges for Peace is a Jerusalem-based, Bible believing Christian organization supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews worldwide through education and practical deeds which express God's love and mercy.
Church & Israel Forum
Bible Study topics for Christianity relating to Israel. Includes articles and News Group.
First Fruits of Zion
Torah-based teachings encouraging the Body of Messiah to rediscover the wonderful gift of grace that Torah truly is in the fullness of Yeshua.
Hatikva Ministries
Information regarding the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, Yeshua the Messiah and Prophecy in their Hebraic framework. Tours to Israel.
Hear Now
Messianic Jewish perspective on the origins of Christianity and the roots of anti-Semitism.
Hebraic Heritage Ministries International
Teachings on the Hebraic roots of Christianity and information about Messianic Judaism.
Hebraic Roots of Christianity Global Network
Desires to see all believers in Yeshua as Messiah to understand the Hebraic/Jewish heritage.
Hebrew Streams
Includes articles on Hebrew historical, linguistic, and theological currents within the New Testament. Hebraic Roots of Christianity.
Home Worship 101
Bible-based home improvement for the soul and spirit. Written as a fast movin' chronicle of the time from Abraham to the Apostles when these home Worship Rites of our Creator were revealed.
Joy In The World
Promoting awareness of Hebraic roots, Torah submission, the two houses of Israel, Hebrew Names, deity of Yahshua, and the Nazarene Messianic faith. Offering overview, forum, events and a selection of books, teachings, and music.
One Faith Publications
Messianic Israel ministry dealing with Hebraic Roots of Christianity. Includes articles.
Yadbyad Ministries
Hebraic Roots of Christianity Ministry, featuring a compilation of study material relating to the Early Church. Emphasis is placed on the Hebraic understanding and interpretation when applying Scripture.
Yahweh's Assembly In Messiah
Sacred names of the Father Yahweh and the Son Yahshua. Information on cleanness in body and food, keeping Sabbath and Holy days, salvation, family living, prophecy, fellowship, music, sabbath services online.
Your Israel Connection
Connecting Israel and The Church. Encourages Hebraic Roots. Includes speakers, articles, books, Judaica and Israel Tours.
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