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The Bible on Sex and Marriage
Quotations from the Bible says about sex and from a psychology book about sex and marriage.
The Christian Institute
Christian news and views on contemporary ethical issues in the UK. Position papers, lectures (mp3), articles on theology and apologetics.
Christian Marriage and Divorce
An analysis of the teachings of the Bible and the Early Church on divorce and remarriage.
Christian Morals
Online complete text of Sir Thomas Brown's 1716 treatise by this title.
Christian Theology and Morality
Where Christian theology and morality rooted in the best of the past looks at contemporary problems ranging from human origins to birth control.
Christianity and Pacifism
When a nation is attacked, as the US was on September 11, 2001, what is the proper response by Christians?
Church Silence Promotes Violence
Church silence promotes violence to humans, animals, environment. The intent of this series is to encourage the Church to greater works of love and compassion (John 14:12).
Conditions and Love
Examines the idea that love is an ethical condition behind law and justice, that it cannot be without conditions and that love is moral or it is not love.
The Elements of Moral Science (1856 ed.)
Full online text of Francis Wayland: The Elements of Moral Science (1856), a classic text on Christian morality.
Jesus And Paul On Divorce
Both Jesus and Paul supported divorce rights for "just-cause" - online article presents divorce support within contextual settings.
Right and Wrong in the Christian Context
Article about the definition of ethics, Christian basis of morality, and free will, from a Catholic perspective.
Seven Deadly Sins
Brief discussions of traditions associated with the seven deadly sins and their eternal punishment.
The Seven Deadly Sins
The list of these vices and the virtues they oppose. A reference page with Dante's Purgatorio notes, too, and other literary/theater references.
Spirit of Hosea Audio Archive
Sermons and radio broadcasts about marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
Theological Foundations
Examines what doctrines are right according to early Christians and Scripture and seeks the restoration of Christian marriage.
Urban Christianz Ministries
Articles, advice and resources for Contemporary Christians
World Religions Index: Morals
Examines if all religions point to the same truth or all religions lead to God and if there many paths to heaven. This site offers a comparison of major world religions and religious philosophies.
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