This category is for sites about putting faith into action. It includes sites which give advice, offer counseling, or speak of morality. It also includes sites of encouragement and reflection. Sites here will encourage good Christian stewardship and service.

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2 Jesus
Articles on salvation found in life with and belief in Jesus. Topics such as healing, eternal life, faith prosperity, peace and doubt with a prayer garden, testimonies and links.
The Ark
Discusses practical spiritual growth in reference to sanctification and grace and other contemporary issues.
Authentic Walk Ministries
Free discipleship course designed to help a Christian grow.
Bible Bell Chronicles
Bible-based guidance on family, human relations, personal needs and problems.
The Crossings Community
Seeks to improve Christian ministry in the secular world through educational programs, research, publication, and networking with kindred spirits.
Seeks the well being of all Christians through singles ministry, doctrinal apologetics, Christian education (Bible study), intercessory prayer and Scenario publications.
The Empty Tomb
Helping Christian Believers understand that God's forgiveness is "Once for All".
Exchanged Life
Sermons, Bible study, prophecy, and Trinity studies. Essays on creation and evolution, with an emphasis on giving scientific evidence for a short chronology of this earth.
Grace Place
Seeks to bring the Body of Christ closer to the Lord and one another through fellowship, prayer, devotions, Bible study, teaching, words of encouragement and links.
Blogs, devotions, and inspiration for Christian women. Daily articles, devotionals, bible study and recipes.
Make My Christian Life Work
A practical guide for those looking for specific solutions to making Christianity relevant and effective in their daily lives.
The Moral Foundations of Love
Makes the case that love, to be love, must be conditional.
Find articles about the family, marriage, politics and how one gets saved.
People of Faith .com
Practical articles, devotions and resources for everyday Christian life.
Shows the importance of repentance and how to joyfully repent in order to continue and deepen a relationship with God.
Spirit Song Ministries
Seeks to challenge people with various articles on worship in Christian life.
WGHATAP Ministries
Prayer, devotions, Bible reading plan, inspirational stories, and many links.
Wholesome Words
Biography resources, children's corner, Christian home and family, missions, poetry, quotes and contact.

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