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20 The Countdown Magazine
Weekly Christian hit radio top 20 countdown with host Jon Rivers.
The Albert Mohler Program
Weekly talk show devoted to engaging contemporary culture with the biblical truth. Archive (mp3), articles, and sermons.
Bridging the Gap
Radio program features the expositional teaching ministry of Pastor Lloyd Pulley, at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey. Includes podcasting, streaming, and Real Audio archives.
Call to Worship
The ministry of Pastor Bernie Timmerman has a what's new page, articles, sermons, and a radio broadcast schedule.
Christian Crusaders
A weekly thirty-minute radio preaching ministry of Rev. Dr. Homer Larsen, pastor emeritus of Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Features a state by state broadcast listing and audio archives. [MP3]
Christian Educational Ministries: Born to Win
Archive of program messages by Ronald L. Dart. Sermons and Bible studies.
Christian Jew Foundation (CFJ) Ministries
A San Antonio, Texas, based ministry produces a radio program and webcast of Bible-based messages that present the Gospel in its Jewish context. Includes a list of stations, webcast, podcast, and vodcast.
Compassion Radio
A daily radio broadcast, based in Orange, California, features teaching, interviews, documentaries, and on-site news reports. Includes an archive of programs. [Real Audio]
Cool Church Radio w/George Powell
George Powell airs each Sunday morning at 8:00am on Portland, OR News/Talk Radio station KPAM 860. [RSS]
The Country Parson
Christian Country music radio program that brings encouragement and hope to those who love Country Music.
Top twenty contemporary Christian countdown. Canada.
Cult and New Age Movement analysis by Jim Zilonka. E-mail newsletter and program archives (RealAudio).
The Dez Childs Show
Hosted by Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter Dez Childs, this show features music, talk, Bible study, interviews, testimonies and Dez' insights and experiences as a Christian musician.
Discover the Word
A 15-minute radio program from RBC Ministries. Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart De Haan discuss the Bible in a small group Bible study format.
Father Paul Dot Com
Ministry of Father Paul Keenan of the Archdiocese of New York offers a message board, guestbook, prayer plan and text versions of broadcasts.
Focus on the Kingdom
The radio ministry of Anthony Buzzard and Restoration Fellowship. Features back issues of a monthly magazine, radio schedule, and RealAudio streaming of archived programs.
God's Great Outdoors
Professional sportsman talking about their Christian walk. Also has an online magazine, station listings, streaming audio, and an online store.
Grace for Today
Non-profit radio ministry about the dispensation of the grace of God.
Grace to You
Bible teaching media ministry of John MacArthur features the radio broadcasts, books, audiocassette lessons, devotionals, and an issues and answers page.
Hope for the Heart
A Christian radio call-in counseling show founded by June Hunt. History, counseling topics, program schedule, shopping, and Daily Hope question and answer page.
Insight for Living
Radio and audio Bible teaching ministry of Charles Swindoll. Features radio station and program listings, events, program archives, and resources.
International Gospel Hour
Bible preaching radio broadcast of the West Fayetteville Church of Christ in Fayetteville, TN.
Jesse Rich Word of Faith Ministries
Archived radio broadcasts are in Windows Media Player format.
Joseph Prince Radio Archive
The Joseph Prince audio archive is an online collection of past Joseph Prince radio program episodes.
Karen & Kids
Christian children's radio program. Previously aired programs are archived for downloading.
Keys for Kids Ministries
Includes radio broadcasts in RealAudio format, daily devotional, online Bible study for kids, guestbook, station listings , shopping and information on the international ministry.
Leading the Way
Dr. Michael Youssef's world-wide radio ministry. Arabic and English broadcasts with Real Audio messages.
Living on the Edge
Daily radio broadcast with Chip Ingram is heard on more than 900 stations throughout the U.S. The program focuses on practical, Biblical solutions that help Christians really live like Christians.
The Making a Difference MAD Christian Radio Show
Christian youth radio show features music, contests, an Impact Devotional, and clothing store.
Money Matters & How to Manage Your Money
Crown Financial Ministries radio programs presents biblical truths relating to stewardship, ethics, practical money management, and God’s ability to meet financial needs.
Moody, LaVaughn: River Valley Ministries
Radio program host based in Lexington, Tennessee. RealAudio broadcast clip.
A New Beginning with Greg Laurie
The daily 30-minute teaching program of Harvest Ministries with Greg Laurie. This website features message archives, broadcast schedules.
People's Gospel Hour
Pastor Perry Rockwood's radio ministry with Real Audio messages. Includes daily messages and archives, bible studies and topical messages.
Presentation Ministries: Best of Daily Bread Radio Program
Teaching on the daily Eucharistic readings of the Catholic Church for Mass by the late, Fr. Al Lauer. Features a list of radio stations and online listening access.
Reflections Europe
An archive of radio programs available for download.
Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul's daily radio program from Ligonier Ministries.
Saint Paul Sunday with Bill McGlaughlin
Live performances of new and old music. Feature articles, artist biographies, program catalog with archives, and a forum.
Sasha Daltonn's Gospel Hour
International broadcast of gospel on Shortwave WCCR, from Chicago with singer, producer and hostess Sasha Daltonn.
Save The Lost At All Cost
Christian call in talk show airing Sundays, at 3:02 pm on KKVV 1060 AM Christian Talk Radio in Las Vegas, NV. Archived shows available in mp3 format.
The Storyteller
Native American radio program features true stories of First Nations people who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Features a free CD offer, and Podcasting.
Strength for Today
An international ministry offering a free bible study via RealAudio.
Sunday Side Up
Sunday Side Up is a Christian radio program featuring southern, country and bluegrass gospel music.
Through the Bible
The five year bible teaching program of Dr. J. Vernon McGee offering testimonies, archived broadcasts via RealAudio, foreign language broadcasts, a bookstore, study guides and a broadcast schedule.
Trunews - The Endtimes Newscast
The Trunews program analyzes current international events in the light of a Biblical worldview.
Truth for Life
Daily Bible teaching broadcast by Alistair Begg. Guestbook, station listings, broadcast schedule, and sermon archives are available. Programs are heard in Real Audio and MP3.
Truth for Today
Offering transcripts of bible studies from their radio broadcasts.
Voice for Life
A daily radio program of LifeSavers Ministries that features an account of a baby saved from abortion.
Walk in the Word
James MacDonald provokes Christians to think and act on their faith. Listen to program archives online with Windows Media and Real Audio.
Way Of The Master Radio
Todd Friel's two hour Christian talk program which airs on Sirius satellite radio, various terrestrial radio stations, online and in podcasts.
Wisdom for the Heart
Bible-based expository radio ministry of Dr. Stephen Davey. Audio archives (RealMedia).
The Word for Life
Bible preaching and teaching from Dr. Sam Horn and Dr. Les Ollila. Features resources and podcasting.
Word for the World
Features the Bible teaching radio ministry of Dr. Earl H. Bailey. Programs are transmitted via satellite to receiving stations and then transmitted over the globe.
A Word from the Word
A daily radio program features Dr. Dan Hayden exploring the meaning of a single word from Scripture. Includes written articles, products, podcasting and MP3 archive.
Words To Live By
This 30-minute radio program presents real stories by real people about a very real God.
Yaweh's Restoration Ministry
Archived streaming Bible teaching programs.
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