Should the King James Version of the Bible be regarded as authoritative to the exclusion of other English translations? Are all Bible versions equally the word of God?

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Another King James Bible Believer
Articles by Will Kinney supporting the KJV.
AV 1611 God's Word: Forum
Message board for King James advocates.
AV1611 King James Bible Page
Advocates inerrancy of the King James Version, argues that modern versions and the Critical Text have serious corruptions. Articles, verse comparisons, and FAQs.
Bible Issues
From Learn the King James Bible. Articles addressing various aspects of the KJV debate from a pro-KJV position.
Bible Versions Discussion Board
Forum for discussing pro- and con- KJV positions.
Extensive resources promoting the perfection and authority of the KJV. Also includes material relating to other doctrines.
The Case for Byzantine Priority
Defends the Byzantine Text, while distancing it from the Textus Receptus, as more reliable than modern, eclectic critical editions of the New Testament.
Chick Publications: Bible Versions Information Center
FAQs and articles and tracts promoting the KJV.
Dial the Truth Ministries
Many articles and online tracts promoting the KJV and arguing against the use of modern versions.
Dispensational King James Bible
Argues that the King James Version is the inerrant word of God, from a Mid-Acts dispensational position.
The English Bible
Lecture given in 1859, published in 1863, by a prominent professor on the linguistic suitability of the authorized version of 1611. Recommends against updating it and opposes English re-translation.
King James Bible Controversy
Many articles and annotated links promoting the KJV.
The King James Only Movement
Includes several articles and dialogues. This website is by the author James White.
The King James Only Resource Center
Argues "King James Onlyism" is a "falsehood."
Articles, resources, and topical studies defending and teaching from the King James Version.
New Age Bible Versions
Verse comparison excerpts from the book New Age Bible Versions.
Should Creationists Abandon the King James Version?
Henry Morris' essay defending the KJV and advocating its use.
Thy Word is Truth
Articles on the Bible version issue and other topics.
An Understandable History of the Bible
Online book traces the history of the Authorized Version and compares it to modern translations. Written by Samuel C. Gipp; published by Chick Publications.
Way of Life: Bible Texts and Versions
A number of articles defending the KJV by David Cloud.
When the Bible Becomes an Idol
Argues problems with the "King James Version Only" view.
Why I Do Not Think the King James Bible Is the Best Translation Available Today
Article by Daniel B. Wallace, detailing problems with the Greek text from which the King James Version was translated.
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