This category is about the ancient book known as Ethiopian Enoch or I Enoch. It contains a series of apocalyptic writings attributed to the Enoch mentioned in Genesis 5:24 ("Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.").

The only full text is known from an Ethiopian translation, although large parts are known in Greek and a few small portions in Latin and Syriac. Manuscripts of I Enoch written in Aramaic and most recently Greek were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and are the earliest known fragments.

I Enoch is considered a pseudograph, falsely attributed to Enoch, and neither Jews nor Christians accepted it into their canons of Scripture. For this reason, it is considered by Christians to be Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Nevertheless, it was held in esteem by many early Christian writers, including the author of the canonical New Testament Book of Jude, which briefly makes reference to a scene depicted in I Enoch.

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Book of Enoch
The text translated by Richard Laurence in London, 1883.
The Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch broken into 5 sections, and a 3 chapter fragment of the Book of Noah. Taken from The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, H.R. Charles Oxford: The Clarendon Press.
The Book of Enoch
HTML, large-file e-text of the R. H. Charles translation.
Book of Enoch
HTML e-text, with chapter index, of R.H. Charles's 1906 translation.
The Book of Enoch
HTML e-text at the Wesley Center Online. From The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, R. H. Charles.
The Book of Enoch and The Secrets of Enoch
Translations by R.H. Charles and Richard Laurence; also includes the "Slavonic" "Secrets of Enoch".
The Book of Enoch Chapters 1-54:
God comes with ten thousands of his saints to execute judgment.
Catholic Encyclopedia: The Book of Enoch
Introductory article, written before some of the recent relevant archaeological finds.
The Enoch Literature
Detailed introduction by James VanderKam.
The Pseudepigraphical Book of Enoch
Quotes from scholars relating to the lost text's origin.
The Watchers of the Book of Enoch
Article connecting the Watchers or Nephilim with other ancient texts and mythologies.
Wikipedia: Book of Enoch
History, discovery, and outline of contents.
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