The scientific study of material remains (such as artifacts and monuments) of past human life and activities. The archaeologist's objective is to gain an understanding of a culture or civilization by examining these objects and their use. Sites in this category should have relevance to the Bible.

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The Baghdad Museum Project
A non-profit organization with a proposal to help save the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad, following the looting of the museum in April, 2003.
Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
An introduction to the Cave of Letters' discovery, the scrolls, as well as a discussion of the social history of first century Palestine.
Apologetics Press: He Climbed Up the Waterspout
Article about Warren’s Shaft and whether it existed at the time of David. Includes a diagram of the shaft.
Archaeology and the Bible
News and articles by Associates for Biblical Research, which organizes excavations and publishes the quarterly "Bible and Spade".
High Top Media provides an overview of archaeology, chronology, news, features, opinions, editorials, glossary. Also sells books and magazines.
Biblical Archeology
Articles, pictures, downloadable e-texts from the Creation Research and Apologetics Society Of India.
Christian Archaeology
That branch of the science which is the study of ancient Christian monuments. From the Catholic Encyclopedia.
Cities of Revelation
Craig Koester's virtual tour of cities within the era and culture in which Revelation was written: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Sardis, Patmos, Laocidea, Philadelphia and Thyatira.
The Cultural Heritage of Iraq
A cultural briefing on the past, present, and future of archaeology in the "cradle of civilization".
Dig the Bible
Doyle Lynch describes his experiences as a volunteer, discusses methodology and provides a Biblical archaeology tour of the Holy Land, site includes media reviews.
The LMLK Research Website
Ancient seal impressions found around Jerusalem on jar handles that may be referring to King Hezekiah of Judah or God.
Lost Treasures from Iraq
Images of objects from the Iraq Museum stolen in the days following the conquest of Baghdad by the USA military forces in April 2003. Site created by the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, USA.
New Testament Maps and Artifacts
Features maps and photos the Mediterranean basin related to the New Testament, collected by Dr. Michael Martin for courses at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
Noah's Ark
Ark researchers share their information on the various attempts to locate the famous Biblical vessel. Includes areas that have been searched, archimaging, news, resources, updates and faqs.
Ugarit and the Bible
Illustrated article about the Bronze Age site, which contained important texts pertaining to Canaanite religion.

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