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Wycliffe (circa 1330-1384), an Oxford University professor, made the first complete translation of the Bible into English (Middle English). The task of making handwritten copies of his translation was accomplished with the help of his followers, called the Lollards. Wycliffe's Bible was based on the Latin Vulgate. He rejected Papal authority and other teachings of the Church.

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A Catalogue of the Original Works of John Wyclif
Annotated bibliography of works and extant manuscripts by Walter Waddington Shirley, 1865.
Condemnation of Wycliffe, 1382
Papal condemnation with Wycliffe's reply.
John Wyclif
Lengthy biographical article in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Includes bibliography.
John Wyclif
An entry by Alessandro Conti from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. A brief introduction to his thought.
John Wyclif - Help for Understanding Scripture
A translation into English of Wyclif's words, "It Will Greatly Help You, for Understanding Scripture", and "How to Read the Bible".
John Wyclif and the Lollards
Brief summary of his life, and a scanned extract of a Lollard sermon from the 4th Sunday in Lent.
John Wyclif, Translator and Controversialist
Biographical sketch by James E. Kiefer.
John Wycliff Biography
Summary of his intentions, work, and teachings.
John Wycliffe: A Light Shining in a Dark Place
Biography by Pastor Gary J. Hall. Includes a summary of Wycliffe's theology and influence.
The Life and Opinions of John de Wycliffe
1828. A survey of Wycliffe and his times by Robert Vaughan.
Life of John Wycliffe
His contribution to Bible Translation and the English Reformation (from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia)
The Life of Wiclif
1832 biography by Charles Webb Le Bas.
The Morningstar of the Reformation
Recounts the life and accomplishments of this early reformer. [PDF]
The Reformation Before the Reformation: John Wycliffe
Brief biography of his life and works.
Tractatus de Potestate Pape
Latin text of Wycliffe's original, including historical and theological survey and commentary in English by Johann Loserth, 1907.
Wicliffe and His Times
Book 2 of Wylie's History of Protestantism, with an excellent history of Wycliffe and his influence on the Reformation.
Wikipedia: John Wycliffe
Biography and career.
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