This category is for sites which teach in some purposeful way the message of the Bible or a portion of it.

Most sites offer studies online, others provide them in different ways including e-mail, snail mail, audio, or video.

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Mysteries of the Bible
Includes articles on subjects including Torah codes, ancient chronology, lost tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, origins of Christianity, Egyptology, and biblical archaeology.
1 in Faith: A Christian Bible Study
A guide to Bible study according to the principles of the Reformed tradition by Robert Traer.
2 Pi Info: The Bible
Articles including God and creation, God's plan as revealed in the Bible, and the meaning of the resurrection.
5 Minute Bible
An audio Bible blog by Tim Bulkeley, available as podcasts.
About Him Ministries
Christ centered scripture studies and essays to glorify the Lord. Also Christian missions, book review and humor.
Abraham's Walk
Weblog on Bible passages and topics.
Across the Rainbow Bridge
Bible studies dealing with the return of Jesus Christ and other helpful topics. Also has links to Christian graphics and MIDI files. Plays MIDI without asking, and no way to turn it off.
Acts 17:11 Bible Studies
Doctrine, topics, and issues. Study methods and group leadership suggestions.
The Ancient Path
Book outlines and lessons, study tips.
Apokalupsis Now
Studies in the Book of Revelation, the rapture, salvation, baptism, and Calvinism.
Becoming Closer
Original studies by book and topic, from Sunday school classes taught at Eastside Christian Church.
Becoming Closer Adult Bible Fellowship: Meat of the Matter
Original studies by book and topic, from Sunday school classes taught at Eastside Christian Church.
Short topical articles and commentary on Bible and doctrine. Forum with an emphasis on Bible questions and study.
Bibel Center
[English, German] Bible articles from a non-trinitarian perspective.
Bible Answers
Collection of Bible articles, questions and answers, and Bible studies by characters and topic.
Bible Help Online
Downloadable study guides (PDF): Finding out about Christ, Starting out as a Christian, and the Gospel in Romans. Tips on leading group or individual studies.
Bible Issues
Articles answering some basic questions about the Bible, Old Testament justice, and salvation.
Bible Lesson Connection
Online bible study courses, inspirational readings and articles, and forum.
Bible Marking
Suggests methods of chaining Bible verses together according to key Bible themes. Example studies include: knowing God, salvation, obedience, and the cross.
Bible Research
Explores the Kingdom (Government) of God and other prophecy in the scriptures.
Bible Revelations
Includes studies on topics like Sacred Name, Biblical Feasts, baptism, and Jerusalem Countdown to Armageddon.
Bible SEO
Study guides in question and answer format. Tips for leading a study.
Bible Stories for Adults
Studies of the great stories of the Bible, includes class handouts, notes, and reading assignments.
Bible Studies 2000
A collection of studies of the events of our times.
Bible Studies at the Moorings
Ed Rickard's studies (in lesson form) on apologetics, doctrine, prophecy, and the Christian life.
Bible Study Course: Teaching Pages
An 18 chapter study titled High Im pact Christianity.
Bible Study Courses
Large collection of studies by topic and book.
Bible Study Fellowship International
Interdenominational organization with classes in cities across the United States and throughout the world. Site includes directory of current classes.
Bible Study Lessons
Courses entitled Mark, Acts, Jesus is Lord, and Following Jesus. Online or by e-mail.
Bible Study of the Week
Includes a weekly study as well as a collection of topical studies.
The Bible Study Page
Book and topical study outlines and sermon outlines. Lessons for Christian ladies.
The Bible Study Podcast
A podcast (mp3) that studies what Bible says and how to understand it, by Chris Christensen.
Bible Study Tools from Xenos
A collection of Bible study tools including exegetical outlines, topical outlines, practical theology notes, mp3 files. [English, Spanish]
Bible Teaching Notes
Comments by book and chapter, how-to guides for study and memorization. Includes a chart for the Jewish calendar.
Bible Writer
Bible-based lessons on the transformed life, studies in the Book of Revelation, understanding prayer, knowing God through personal devotions, and a survey of the basic truths of Scripture.
Answers to common Bible questions, and e-mail newsletter, by Gary Panell.
An introduction to studying the Bible together with collections of studies by topic or for women or men.
Writings, study notes, and daily Bible-based recordings by the Reverend Frank Cooke, making the Bible plain to ordinary people.
The Bible: It's All about Jesus
Overview of Bible themes, character studies, and some book surveys.
Brief survey of Bible doctrines, and topics, and most books accompanied by King James Version text.
The entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, very briefly summarized. Short introductions to each book, an index of key people, themes, and events.
Eight simple rules for studying the Bible, how to buy a Bible, Bible study notes online (HTML, PDF) and by e-mail from John Karmelich.
Downloadable Bible teaching audio files (mp3) with lesson outlines (PDF), and online lessons with interactive questions and answers.
Bible studies, devotions, short stories, and study tools.
Conservative Christian Bible study site, offering informative articles, sermons, study outlines, and links to other Christian resources.
Biblical Studies
Doctrinal and topical articles covering eschatology, hermeneutics, soteriology, theology, and ecclesiology. Recommended books and directory of resources.
Boston Christian Bible Study Resources
Small group study guides by book, a Bible survey, articles on doctrine, apologetics, and salvation.
The Brown Bible
A blog dedicated to researching the Word of God. Includes topical articles, questions and answers, and a newsletter.
Christian Bible Reference Site
Summary of Jesus' teachings, Biblical wisdom explained, quizzes and puzzles, personal answers to Bible questions.
Christian Bible Study and Games
Topical and doctrinal studies, Bible trivia, word search, and crossword puzzle games.
Conservative studies by book and topic. Poetry and devotions.
Creative Bible Study
Bible study lessons for all ages. Teaching tips and resources for creating interesting lessons.
Critical Issues Commentary
Essays on Biblical and theological issues. Bimonthly newsletter.
CrossMarks Christian Resources
Collection of Bible studies suitable for personal or small group use. Topics include: Genesis, Mark, the Lord's Prayer, parables, Philippians, 1 Peter, and Revelation.
Cyberspace Ministry
Illustrated Bible courses and software games for all the family.
Daily Bread Online
Daily Bible passage studies and forum, PDA downloads in several formats.
David and Jonathan
Free online Bible lessons for children, teens, and adults. Registered users can save lesson progress and submit test answers for evaluation.
Divine Viewpoint
Studies, outlines of doctrines covering many categories of Scripture including marriage, salvation, and spirituality.
Don Love Ministries
Studies about the last days from Matthew, themes from Mark, and a detailed study of the Book of Revelation. Online songs by Singers of the Heart [ASX and RAM formats].
The Essential Bible Blog
Encouragement and tips for Bible reading and study presented by Scripture Union/USA president Whitney T. Kuniholm.
Eye of the Needle
Study of the Bible's structure, numerics, and cohesion.
Faith Mountain
Articles and studies by topic, doctrine, and book. Interactive lessons for beginners, answers to tough questions for skeptics.
Frames of Reference
Studies the relationship between science and the Bible.
God's Word for You
Studies by book and topic featuring worksheets to facilitate further thought and discussion.
The Gospel Way
Free Bible study lessons, spiritual guidance, and instruction in religion.
Articles by topic and Bible passage, many on the end times.
H.E.A.R.T. Ministry
Ministry to help pastors and local churches with discipleship, soul winning, evangelism, and Bible studies. Includes beliefs, testimonials and contact information.
How to Study the Bible: For Beginners
How to get started, practice examples in the Gospel of John, and recommended books.
Ichthys Bible Study for Spiritual Growth
Original lesson series using the author's Greek and Hebrew translations. Subjects include Peter's epistles, essential doctrines, Satan's rebellion, and hardening Pharaoh's heart.
InterVarsity Press: Quiet Time Bible Study
Daily online Bible studies from the NIV version.
J. Reed's Christian Expositions
Retired geography teacher shares studies by book and topic. Inspirational stories.
Jesus Is All
Weekly Sunday School lessons online or by email. Trivia quiz, chat room.
Jesus Plus Nothing
Centrality of Jesus in the Christian life. Studies include Christ in the Old Testament, lives of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, eternal security, spiritual warfare in Nehemiah, and the book of Ruth.
The Journal of Biblical Accuracy
A non-denominational Christian Bible study magazine whose aim is to teach the Word of God. Produced by Anastasios Kioulachoglou.
Kingfisher Postal Bible School
Offers Bible study courses via post for people of all ages.
Last Call Ministries
Short topical articles. Personal testimony.
Living Word Bible Church: Bible Studies
Topical and book studies covering the Old and New Testaments. A short prose survey of the books of the Bible and their themes.
The Lord's Words
An explanation of the parables and words of Jesus Christ. Topics range from the parable of the sower to the prodigal son.
A Love I Could Not Deny
Topical Bible study outlines; teen and kids sections.
Love's Ark
Encouragement for Christian living and prayer through Bible-based articles and studies. Bible reading plan.
Michael Graham Ministries
A commentary on part of Mark's Gospel and articles on prayer, money, the fear of God and other subjects.
Modern Papyrus
Bible studies and devotions, lists of Jesus' sermons, parables, and miracles. Free graphics and recommended resources.
Mom's Bible Journal
Extensive collection of Bible journal notes by book and topic.
Neely Ranch: Bible Study
Daily study series through books of the Bible.
Collection of studies covering the basics of Christian doctrine, growth, and contemporary issues. PDF format.
Never Ending Word
Teachings and study aids to help students study the Bible.
Never Thirsty
Book studies include the gospels, Daniel, Hebrews, and Revelation. Also topics: angels, baptism, cloning, God's will, life of Christ, and women in the church. Bible questions and answers, historical evidence for Jesus, and fulfilled prophecies.
New Living Translation: Bible Studies
Articles on how to study and getting started. Online guides and questions for selected books.
The Olive Branch
Topical and word studies, poems, and prayers. A series of studies for women.
Online Bible Studies and Sermons
Studies, sermons, and charts provided by Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, Florida.
Open Bible Trust
A non-denominational publisher of resources which include a bi-monthly magazine search, study booklets, books, and audio-cassettes.
Pursuing the Eternal Word
Collection of studies by John Liffler including the sermon on the mount, the feasts of Israel, and issues of Christian living.
A Quick Bible Quiz
Bible studies by book and topic. Bible e-books and resources to make them. Some Bible e-books and study materials offered for sale.
Right Division
Dispensational audio Bible lessons (MP3, RealAudio). Articles and charts explaining this method of interpreting the Bible.
The Robe
A public journal of personal Bible studies.
ROGMA International, Inc.
Offering online Bible courses: Great Doctrines of the Bible, Ephesians, and Romans. Exams and grading available to those who register (free).
Scripture Awakening
Nondenominational Bible reading curriculum designed to help participants read the Bible in 90 days also group and individual Bible studies and resources for Bible living.
The Season
Introductions to the books of the Bible, topical studies, archaeology links, and discussion forum.
Dozens of topical studies, end times studies, the parables of Jesus, and Bible trivia quizzes.
Shamah-Elim Bible Studies
Articles with an emphasis on living in obedience to God's Kingdom and the coming revival.
Skeptical Inquirer, November 1997: Hidden Messages and The Bible Code
Article exposing statistical fallacies in the "Torah Code" literature.
Sonic Light
The Good News explained. Audio Bible studies (MP3) and downloadable Bible commentaries (PDF) by Thomas Constable.
Spiritual Foundations
On-line books of Bible studies for Galatians and Matthew, and topics like Jesus Christ, Christian life, the Church, and the last days.
Staying in the Word
Short studies of doctrines, topics, and several of Paul's letters.
Studiying the Word of God
Theology, doctrinal and topical articles and Bible studies.
Questions and answers on Bible topics. Search by book, verse, or topic.
Swap Meet Dave: Bible Studies and Christian Resources
Studies of Daniel, First Corinthians, Galatians, and James with leader guides and handouts. Also topical studies including integrity, loyalty, and resolving conflicts.
Thy Word Is Truth
Study notes and sermons by book and topic from classes taught at the Katy church of Christ.
Time for the Bible
Features a weekly Bible lesson archive [MP3, PDF], study guides, and topical articles from Rev. Art McDonald.
Truth Chasers
Bible study materials by Johnny Felker including study guides, articles, and sermons (PDF), and a tour of Bible related artifacts in the British Museum (PowerPoint).
Understanding the Bible
Explanations of the Bible, the Christian faith and the Gospel: with overviews, Bible studies, doctrine, resources, application, links, and sermons.
Unique Bible Study
Series of lessons and interactive tests.
Use the Sword
Ongoing weekly study, daily devotions, and downloadable archives.
What Saith the Scripture
Overview of the rapture and events of the tribulation. Includes prophecy, poetry, extensive library of online books, Alexander Scourby via Live Audio, stories, and links.
What Saith the Scriptures
Topical studies and articles: grace, the rapture, discipleship, and Islam.
The Whole Truth
Articles by Wendell Tenison tackling controversial topics including Sabbath observance, Holy Spirit baptism, fivefold creation, and tongues.
Whole Wheat International: Bible Study Site
Understanding God's message, Bible background information, study tips, and a long list of short devotional articles.
Worldnet Grace Ministries
Series examining the New Testament concept of grace, God's act of creation, and selections from Ruth, Esther, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Matthew.

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