The Bible is the book that Christians recognize as authoritative. It is divided into two parts - the Old Testament which tells of God's actions and promises before the time of Jesus, and the New Testament which tells how God sent Jesus as the Savior of the world and how the early church grew. Originally most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek.

This category contains online Bibles and sites about the Bible. It also includes Bible studies, reading plans, and reference works. Learn of the Bible's history and the canon, whether it be the Catholic, Protestant, or Common Bible.

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Crosswalk: Bible Study Tools
Resources for conducting word, verse, and topic searches in many Bible versions, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, commentaries, concordances, and biblical dictionaries. Includes church history and sermon helps.
Answers to Bible Questions
Ask a question. Archives of past questions and answers. From The Holly Street church of Christ in Denver.
Bible stories, songs, poetry, and games presented in American Sign Language (ASL) and in visually rich multimedia.
Bible Basics
Information about the Bible, where it came from, where to find various books or topics, and overviews of each of the books it contains. Online pronunciation of difficult Bible words and names [WAV format].
Bible Basics
Overview of the Bible, daily reading plan, effective study methods, book introductions, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The Bible Book by Book
Downloadable (HTML, text, Palm PDA) book by Josiah Blake Tidwell (Baylor University, 1912). Outlines and summaries for each book of the Bible.
Bible History
Articles and a weekly column about the Bible and its history. Comparison of beliefs by denomination. Evidence of the Bible's authenticity and authority.
The Bible Period by Period
Downloadable (HTML, text, Palm PDA) book by Josiah Blake Tidwell (Baylor University, 1916). Chronological survey of Biblical history.
Bible Portal
Online Bible versions and PDF downloads in many languages, devotional resources, dictionaries, and sermons.
The Bible Probe
General articles introducing the Bible and specific studies by topic including creation and the Book of Revelation.
Bible Prophecy Numbers
Examines dates and number patterns in prophecy to confirm Bible chronology.
Bible Query
Answers to questions about difficult verses and terminology in the Bible. Most questions are grouped under books of the Bible, and some topical questions as well.
Bible Resource Center
American Bible Society resources to promote Bible reading and study. Translation guides, articles from devotional to scholarly, a Bible reading plan, and youth pages. Online video and audio presentations (WindowsMedia).
Bible Search
Topical answers from the Bible to common questions.
The Bible Story
The main characters and events of the entire Bible condensed into a few pages. Divided by book of the Bible.
Bible Study File Server
Large collection of audio (mp3) resources including the World English Bible, sermons, and Bible studies.
Bible Stuph
Daily reading through the Bible in one year (NIV, Large Print). Bible riddle, trivia, and devotional links.
Bible Topics
Bible concordance: Choose a theme or word from a large list and find relevant Bible verses.
Online index of Bible verses by subject as found in R. A. Torrey's The New Topical Textbook, 1897.
Bible search tools, studies by book and verse, commentaries, and question and answer forum. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) online.
Online Bible in many translations, concordance search, cross-references, commentaries, Greek or Hebrew for any verse, and the history of the English Bible.
Biblical Resource Center and Museum
Institution offering exhibits and education programs about the Bible and its history. News, visitor information, and resources for researchers.
Blue Letter Bible
Searchable Bible, by verse or keyword. Several English translations, plus the Vulgate, and interlinear Hebrew OT and Greek NT. Text and audiovideo commentaries, Bible maps and charts.
The Brick Testament
Selected Bible passages illustrated with Lego blocks.
Christian Resource Institute
Biblical and theological articles including Bible studies, readings, and devotions. FAQs, history, doctrine, creeds, pastoral resources, and forum. [English, some Russian and Portuguese]
Confidence in the Word
A beginner's introduction to the Bible, its contents, claims, and themes. Reading, meditation, and study tips.
Daily Bible
Basic Bible themes explained, audio sermons (mp3), one year reading plan, and daily verse. [Requires Java]
Darkness to Light: The Bible
Defending the reliability and integrity of the Christian Bible.
EasyEnglish Bible
Commentaries, studies, and readings from Wycliffe Associates UK written in EasyEnglish, a simple English vocabulary.
A collection of online Bible stories.
Answers from the Bible by email and online archive to questions about God, the Bible, and Christian beliefs.
Grace Notes
Expositional Bible studies, topical dictionary, courses by e-mail, reading plan, and Bible survey.
Growing Christians Ministries
A Bible teaching ministry with Bible study courses, apologetics, and devotions online and downloadable.
Describes how to study the Bible through a series of tutorials. Includes interpretation, application, and recommended study tools. Bible studies indexed by topic and verse. [Requires Java]
Holy Bible
Online KJV. Each chapter in its own file, with links to notes. Also has Christian resources including the miracles and parables of the Lord as well as topical studies.
Ministries of Grace
Introductory articles about the text, transmission, and canon of the Bible. An original translation of the Book of Revelation.
Nave's Topical Bible
Complete text of Orville J. Nave's Topical Bible, with complete Bible verses.
Officers' Christian Fellowship: Leading Small Groups
How to lead a small group Bible study. Although written for officers in the military, it has general advice good for any small group. Includes advice on handling disruptions, and dividing as the group grows.
Overview of Bible Study
Compares translations and versions, reviews study aids, provides a brief history of the Christian church, and includes exercises on biblical topics.
Shepherd's Fold
Bible verses and quotes covering a range of different topics.
Sola Scriptura
Promoting and defending the Bible with supporting resources including Sola Scriptura magazine, A Word from the Word radio program, eParousia newsletter, conference speakers, and articles about the Bible.
Sola Scriptura, Only the Scriptures
Scripture readings on various topics from the New King James version.
Spirit Home: Scripture
Reading the Bible in faith, along with terms and topics explaining the process for the novice.
Bible search, many translations, Greek and Hebrew texts, lexicons, commentaries, concordances, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and historical documents.
Teach Me the Bible
An introduction to the Bible and basic Christian beliefs.
Wikipedia: Bible
Encyclopedia article written from a secular perspective.
WordTruth Ministries
Offers Bible study resources, publishers Bible based books and media broadcasting.

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