This category contains authors whose works of literature are set in historical time periods. For this category purposes, time periods would be considered historical if they cover up to the year 1970. Anything past that date will be considered contemporary. This category contains authors' works that contain research into historical facts and are accurate representations of the time period displayed in the novel.

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Bly, Stephen and Janet
Official Site of authors Stephen Bly and Janet Chester Bly. Includes biographical information, Book List, What's New, Links, quotes, and contest.
Heitzmann, Kristen
Official site of the fiction author, Kristen Heitzmann. Author biography, newsletter, and information on her latest books.
Lewis, Beverly
Offers special author information, book excerpts, reviews, sneak peeks into future books, and sign up for an e-newsletter.
Peterson, Tracie
Official author site. Contains information on the author, upcoming books, past books, a newsletter, conference schedule, e-mail, and favourite links.
Snelling, Lauraine
Official author site. Contains biographical information, list of books and series, info. on speaking engagements and seminars, e-mail address.
Thoene, Brock
Official site for Bodie and Brock Thoene. Contains new releases, book lists, reviews, information about the authors, FAQs, letters from readers, and interview and appearance information.
Whitson, Stephanie Grace
The official Web site of author Stephanie Grace Whitson. Books With Heart...Words Of Hope. Site contains information on author, her books, words of hope, gifts for readers, and contact information.
Windsor, Linda
Author of contemporary and historical, inspirational and secular titles. Contains biographical information, information on author's books, letter to her readers, newsletter, excerpts from her books, e-mail, and favourite links.
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