This category includes books set in contemporary time frames. Contemporary will be described as anything set in time past the year 1970 for the purposes of this category. This would not include books by inspirational romance authors as there is a separate category for them. It would include mysteries, short seasonal books, independent novels as well as series.

Subcategories 2

Bambola, Sylvia
Official author site for Sylvia Bambola. Includes letters from Sylvia, author biography, an interview with the author, author's favourite books, books she's reading now, book reviews, reader's comments, bulletin board, contest, guest book, and e-mail address.
Barton, Janet Lee
Official site for Janet Lee Barton, inspirational romance author. Contains information on her writing, her family, what's new, and links.
Blackstock, Terri
Official author site. Biographical information on Terri Blackstock, info. on latest books and other projects, her testimony, book reviews, e-mail.
Coleman, Lynn
Official author web site. Contains information on her books, reviews, biographical information, upcoming books, newsletter, guestbook, and links.
Ford, Aisha
Official website of Aisha Ford, author. Contains information on her books, reviews, links, news, and biographical information.
Gunn, Robin Jones
Biographical information on Robin Jones Gunn, information on her fiction series, links, news, FAQs, and reader's forum.
Hancock, Karen
Official site of author Karen Hancock. Includes author biography, scrapbook, FAQs, what's new, links, and e-mail address.
Henderson, Dee
Official Author site of Dee Henderson. Contains information on author's series, books, e-mail address, Let's Talk Writing, Meet other Authors, and newsletter.
Hickman, Patricia
Official author site of Patricia Hickman. She is published in both historical and contemporary fiction genres. This site includes list of books, biography, news, links, FAQ, and guestbook.
Higley, Tracy L.
Official site. Includes news and excerpts.
Hunt, Angela
Books by Angela Hunt including fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. Includes list of books and categories, new releases, upcoming works, a personal letter, article on how she became a writer, reader's comments, book recommendations, and a multi media slide show.
Jenkins, Jerry B.
Contains biographical information, new and old books, tips for budding authors.
Kingsbury, Karen
This is the official site of Christian fiction author, Karen Kingsbury. She has written more than twenty books, including her best-selling novels: "Moment of Weakness," and "On Every Side." She is currently working with Gary Smalley on her new "Redemption Series." This site includes author's series, list of books, reviews, guest book, and e-mail.
Nordberg, Betty
Official site. Contains biographical information, information on books, FAQ, newsletter, and publications.
Rivers, Francine
Official author page. Contains information on the author, her books, letters from readers, her favourite books, where to buy them, questions and answers, e-mail.
Roper, Gayle
Gayle Roper is an accomplished speaker, author and owner of Gayle Roper Ministries based in Coastesville, PA. This site contains biographical information, list of books, details on speaking opportunities, and contact e-mail.
Sattler, Gail
Gail Sattler, contemporary fiction author. Biography, list of books, reviews, favourite links, and e-mail address.
Valentine, Katherine
Official site for the author of the Dorsetville series including A Miracle for St. Cecilia's and The Rosary. Author's biography and some recipes.
Wolverton, Cheryl
Official author site. Includes list of books, news, new authors, information on her family, links to Christian sites, and e-mail address.
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