These sites serve to defend the Christian worldview while focusing on today's culture or aspects of modern society that conflict with Christianity.
Boundary Stone
Articles - discussing economics and Western civilization - that aim to equip and encourage Christians to engage with their culture and influence it for Christ. Also a weblog, a reading list and some links.
Commentaries, audio broadcasts, videos, and resources by Chuck Colson and other writers, providing a Christian perspective on modern news and trends.
The Cultural Commission
Set of blogs from a Christian perspective addressing Christian ways of interacting with and observing contemporary culture.
Culture + Worldview: Relating Faith to Culture
Links to a number of articles and audio messages that attempt to find and use the contact points between christianity and the films, music, literature and art of western world.
A web based think-tank promoting theological ideas in the public square. Offers news as well as workshops, conferences, and consultancy services.
The King's Community Church: Applying Biblical Principles
Articles discussing various issues in modern society and displaying biblical viewpoints on these issues.
Kjos Ministries
Facts and biblical encouragement to help believers prepare for an anti-Christian global society. Articles, FAQ, Bible studies, testimonies, quotes, charts, and news.
Probe Ministries
Information on the ministry and its programs as well as answers to hundreds of questions and issues relating to various aspects of theology and modern culture.
The Pugnacious Irishman
Commenting on the intersection of spirituality, politics, and values from a Christian worldview. Topics covered include: theology, philosophy, gender, relationships, education and morality.
The Willison Politics and Philosophy Resource Center
Transcribed original documents written by principals and alumni of prestigious universities. Thoughts on political science and the role of Christianity in governing a society.
Wintery Knight Blog
Discusses the nexus of Christian faith with various disciplines and debates in contemporary culture, including economics, politics, ethics, science, and the role of family.
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