This category contains sites criticizing or attempting to disprove specific heretical beliefs (as opposed to entire belief systems) within Christianity.
The Ancient Path
Articles on issues such as worship, holidays, the role of women, and why the doctrine of eternal damnation is unbiblical. Also includes links to other resources and articles opposing certain Church of Christ teachings.
Apprising Ministries
Ken Silva's ministry defending a view of the Christian faith against some other Christian teachers.
The Berean Call
Warns of "unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church."
Biblical Discernment Ministries
Attempts to expose doctrinal error. Newsletter, downloadable "Discernment Notebook", and recommended resources.
Carmel Contenders
Articles, links, and recommended books addressing modern issues. Devotes extra criticism to the ecumenical movement and to Catholicism.
Christian Apologetic Articles
Articles and an online booklet warning that almost all churches do not proclaim the correct salvation message; also testimonies and brief details of the authors.
Christian Doctrine
Articles and outlines on false beliefs or practices in a variety of topic areas. Written from a Calvinist perspective.
Christians Aware
Newsletter and articles that specifically apply to false teachers and attacks on essential Christian doctrine.
Earnestly Contend
Site opposing the activities of Stonecroft Ministries; arguing that their teaching mixes the gospel with psychology, positiveness, ecumenism and corrupt bible translation.
Evangelical Outreach
Resources and articles refuting the doctrine of eternal security. Also includes studies on cults and religious groups, and contemporary and theological issues.
Fighting for the Faith
Argues against 'once saved, always saved' belief.
How to Recognize False Churches
The site, written by a Jehovah's Witness, lists 25 indicators said to mark false churches.
Midwest Christian Outreach
Description of programs and events, contact information, resource catalogue, audio messages, and journal articles on various teachings and groups.
Prophetic Deception
Personal site by a former member of the Kansas City Fellowship and of the Word of Faith movement. Includes links, recommended books, and thoughts on the actions and teachings of some modern "prophets."
True Christianity
Thoughts on salvation, economics, prophecy, and ways in which mainstream Christianity falls short.
Watch Unto Prayer
Pages explaining how, in the view of the authors, an anti-Christ network has infiltrated the Church with a hidden agenda of subverting the true faith and converting believers to a false religious system.
SBC Life - The Weigh Down Heresy
Warns Christians about the questionable theological views and claims of the leader of this diet group, Gwen Shamblin. (November 01, 2000)
Christianity Today: The Weigh and the Truth
Article discussing the both the positive effects and the negative messages put forth by Gwen Shamblin's Weigh Down diet program. (September 04, 2000)
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