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The Angry Buddhist
Rembember... No Matter How Angry I Get - I am always holding back
The buddha is my dj
Weblog about life, the media and pop-culture, politics, religion, and of course the Buddha and Buddhism.
Buddhism Depot
Buddhism information (introduction, scriptures), discussion, chat.
Dhamma Corner
Features Buddhist principles, issues and history. Also consists of quotes and other Buddhist links.
freedom for all
An Irreverent Buddhist comments on the World. Campaigning for political and economic reform to end thirty thousand needless child deaths every day. That's just the start.
A zen affirmation of life from an intention of humility, gratitude, and mindfulness.
Jayarava Rave
Reflections, commentary, and opinion from a more or less Buddhist point of view by a non-sectarian Western Buddhist.
Leow Chee Ming's Homepage
Personal interests in Buddhism.
The Lotus Throne of the IronBuddha
A site for sharing Buddhist ideas, experiences, and awareness. Through interaction we can hope to bring order out of chaos for all sentient beings.
Notes From a Life in Progress
Psychobabble, poetry, prose, pontification (and occasionally politics and pictures)as practiced by an aspiring Buddha and chaser of The Muse.
Prayer to Kuan Yin
A prayer to the Bhodisattva Kuan Yin, and includes links to other sites that teach a little about her.
Present Moment
A record of Buddhist meditation in the form of a weblog.
Purify Our Mind
Help us control upgrade ourselves deal with different situations build up utmost wisdom understand world universe dispel depression engage self cultivation start life anew.
ShanT's Website
Photos, stories, politics, and spiritual quests.
Stonepeace : Moonpointer Buddhist Blog
Somewhat enlightening and entertaining reflections on the path to the natural unshakable peacefulness of a stone
A site for critical and thoughtful reflection upon the traditions and teachings of Buddhism.
Thoughts Chase Thoughts
They certainly do! Treat yourself to some in-depth Buddhist philosophising and debate.
Tibetan Buddhism
Discusses issues around Tibetan Buddhism in the western world, and Buddhism in general.
Vincent Lai - Pure Land Buddhism - Namo Amituofo
Vincent Lai's personal page on Pure Land Buddhism
The Whole Wide World Of Fat Buddha!
Musings of a misanthropic Birmingham City loving social worker. Links, links and more links with a bit of moaning in between.
zanwat : the weblog
just a weblog ... (Buddhist)
Zen Filter
"Zen Buddhist websites, news, and discussion" a kind of meta-weblog of many things Buddhist

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