Material about Tibetan art including images, reference material, and articles.

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Art of Joan Bredin Price
A gallery of paintings and prints of the Twenty One Taras paintings accompanied by corresponding verses of traditional prayers. Available as prints or new commissions.
Art of the Headless Dakini
Some images of dakinis, including headless ones. Also images of thogchags. Comments on both.
Asian Arts, New York City
Museum quality Central Asian, Islamic, Nepalese and Indian material with a specialized interest in the art of Tibet.
Asianart: Early Tibetan Mandalas: The Rossi Collection
Fourteen Tibetan paintings of mandalas dating from the 13th to the 16th centuries, with commentary, and descriptive catalog.
Buddhist Art: Symbolism of Mandalas
A brief description of the general meaning of mandalas.
Chenrezig / Avalokiteshvara
The Tibetan Buddhist Buddha of Compassion: Chenresig (Avalokiteshvara)
Chenrezig Tibetan Sand Mandalas
Tibetan Sand Mandala Tour 2001 and 2002 in New Zealand. Information about and images of Chenrezig Tibetan Sand Mandalas.
Dakini Land
A celebration of the female spirit as manifest in the Dakini. Some images of Dakinis with a brief discussion of the symbolism.
Exploring the Mandala
Brief description of mandalas, including a computer model developed at Cornell University.
Headless Dakinis
Art and culture of Tibetan chod practitioners and dakinis.
Hindu Paintings: Newsletter Archive
A collection of illustrated articles about Buddhist and Hindu art. Topics include Dance of the Yogini, The Bodhisattva Ideal; Tantric Buddhist Art; and Green Tara and White Tara - Feminist Ideals in Buddhist Art.
Illustrated discussion of mandalas, their creation and their place within Buddhist Tantric practice.
Mandala Sand Painting
Description and images from the creation of a sand mandala.
A sorted Archive of Tibetan Thangka Art
Mindful Creations - The Art of Joanne Chilton
Miksang means Good Eye in Tibetan. Fine Art Photography that works with a contemplative style called Miksang. See new exhibit titled "In Quiet Places".
The Mystical Arts of Tibet
Descriptions and illustrations of touring exhibits of sacred music, sacred dance, mandala sand painting, art, and photos of Tibet. Includes tour schedule and contact information.
Nick Dudka: The Buddist Art of Thangka
A collection of thangkas including brief descriptions.
Temple Art Studios
Creators of silk appliques thangkas and paintings, unique historic Tibetan art projects and films.
Tibetan Paintings by the Thangde Gatsal Studio
A school in Dharamsala, India that teaches the art of Tibetan thangka painting. Commissions are accepted for specific thangkas.
The Tibetan Photo Project
Tibetan monks are using the camera for the first time to document and share their lives and culture in exile. Several galleries of photographs and related material.
Tibetan Sacred Art
The work of Sanje Elliott, thangka painter. Paintings done in the traditional Karma Ghadri style of Tibetan Sacred Art. Gallery of thangkas and information on classes.
Tibetan Thangka Gallery #1 (Taeger Collection)
Tibetan Thangka Gallery # 1 from the Taeger Collection, 20 temporary paintings by Tibetan artists
Virtual Thangka Gallery
Osel Shen Phen Ling copyright-free line drawings from various tibetan sources. Java applets for a prayer wheel and candle offerings.
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