School of Buddhism based on the Pure Land/Shin teachings that believe in Amida Buddha ensures rebirth in the Western Paradise, where attaining enlightenment is easy.

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Amitabha Pureland Web
Site by an Australian group. Site has introduction to Buddhism and Pure Land Buddhism, buddha name recitation, extracts from Pure Land sutras and quotes. Details of Associations in Australia and worldwide learning centers.
Buddhist Association of the United States
Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Organization.
Buddhist Churches of Canada
Official site of the Buddhist Churches of Canada
Dragon's Gate Temple
Buddhism for the Buddhist who doesn't have access to a local Temple.
IABC (International Association of Buddhist Culture)
International Association of Buddhist Culture - News, Activities and Publications
Institute of Buddhist Studies
IBS offers a systematic educational program specializing in Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies and culminating in a fully accredited Master of Arts degree which is jointly administered with the GTU. On-Line Reading Room Available.
Introduction to Pureland
By J.C. Cleary. Reprinted from Pure Land Pure Mind Published by the Sutra Translation Committee of the U.S. and Canada.
Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism, Dharma for the Modern Age
The Nembutsu is Shakyamuni Buddha's teaching of Liberation from Samsara through refuge in Amida Buddha in the Age of Declining Dharma.
Pure Land Buddhism WWW Virtual Library
The Internet Guide to Pure Land (Jingtu, Jodo, Shinshu) Online Resources.
Ryukoku University Homepage (English)
Ryukoku University was founded as a boarding school in 1639 by the Hongwanji Buddhist denomination. Today the university has seven faculties, a Junior College and six graduate schools, distributed among two campuses in the city of Kyoto and one in nearby Shiga Prefecture. Among the approximately 18,000 students there are about 250 foreign students from many countries around the world.
The True Pure Land School
Resources on Jodo-Shinshu, by Rev. Jerome Ducor.
The Ultimacy of Jodo Shinshu: Shinran's Response to Tendai
By Alfred Bloom as published in The Pure Land.
What is Buddhism
Teachings of Chin Kung, Hwa Dzan Pure Land Learning Center, Taiwan. Large list of discourses.

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