Sites featuring the work of individual enrolled Baha'i artists in all fields, and galleries and workshops sponsored by Baha'i institutions promoting the Arts.

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Arts Dialogue
Information about the Bahá'í Association for the Arts (BAFA), a non-profit independent arts association operating under the auspices of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of The Netherlands.
Baha'i Art Gallery
A gallery of art, music and poetry related to or inspired by the Faith, and a picture gallery.
Baha'i Graphics by Kathypeach
A tribute to Ruhiyyih Khanum and Prayer Graphics from the Baha'i Writings.
Baha'i Inspired Fabric Art by Margo Styan
Photo gallery and associated Baha'i Writings.
Baha'i inspired media distribution.
Showcases the best in Baha'i inspired music, audio books and film / video.
Baha'i Inspired Photography and Metaphors
Photographs seeking to illustrate metaphors in Baha'i quotations, with images of Bright Angel Park, Vancouver Island.
An e-commerce site offering gold jewellery including designs which may appeal to Baha'is.
Photographs of Bahai properties in Haifa, Israel. Multiple sets depicting the Terraces, Bahai Gardens, and Shrines.
Bahá'ís in Science Fiction
List of mainstream and Bahá'í-oriented science fiction and fantasy literature with Bahá'í characters or references to Bahá'í s.
Careers in Service to Humanity
Baha'i Faith and career displaying art, literature, writings and study.
The Garden of Humanity
The writings of the Bahai Faith represented in art, the principle of the oneness of mankind and other themes, by James A. Johnston.
Harmony Film Festival
A Festival open to Australian Baha'is to foster artistic expression and promote film as a medium. Information, entry form, contacts.
Marty's Card Shop
Artist Martha Meshberg offers a collection of devotional, sentiment, and greeting cards designed to enhance the Bahá'í Writings.
Rizvan Gallery
A virtual gallery specialising in Art reflecting a global and spiritual vision.
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