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Blog dedicated to pointing out fallacious arguments and dogmatic approaches from religious camps.
Alex's Heresies - Embracing a Physical Reality
Commentaries, articles and news on all things supporting a physical view of the world.
The Antichrist Atheist Network
Thoughts on atheism and anti-christianity from the viewpoint of several authors.
The Assertive Atheist
A collection of essays asserting atheism and reason and debunking religion.
Atheism Fun House
Blog emphasizing the humorous side of atheism, features posts and videos.
Atheism à la Carte
Essays about what it means to be an atheist in a religious world.
Atheism: Proving The Negative
Analyses of religion, faith, miracles, evidence for religious claims, evil and God, arguments for and against God, atheism, agnosticism, fideism, the role of religion in society, and related issues.
An Atheist Apology
A statement of personal beliefs, and some responses.
Atheist Ethicist
In-depth posts on humanistic ethics from Alonzo Fyfe, author of "A Better Place: Essays on Desire Utilitarianism."
Atheist Jew in Germany
Blog on the issues facing an atheist Jew in Germany.
Atheist Mom
The weblog of a mother and former Catholic.
Atheist Rants
Personal Page with two essays.
Atheist Revolution
Dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America.
An Atheist’s Prayer
An exposition of the theory and spiritual practice of atheistic prayer.
Beyond the Flock
A blog of logical, reasoned editorials pertaining mostly to religion, or lack thereof. Other topics include current events and politics.
Blog exposing stupidity in religion and politics.
Black Sun Journal
A personal and philosophical journal about my movement away from superstition toward atheism, science and direct introspection.
Black Woman Thinks
The views of a UK-born black woman on issues as varied as religion, politics, atheism, race, philosophy.
Candy Coloured Frown
A blog about my personal experiences and views as an atheist.
The Daily Mull
Fiction and non-fiction on spirituality in the modern world, by a former protestant spiritual director with a doctorate in philosophical theology.
Darwin Bedford, the Atheist Messiah
Personal page of a claimed Spiritual Reality Therapist and atheist messiah
Daylight Atheism
An atheist site with a humanist bent that features in-depth articles about politics and philosophy. Sponsor of the Humanist Symposium.
Digital Freethought
Help leaving religion, science links, list of famous atheists, and quotations for free thinkers.
Donkey Soup for the Drunken Soul
A blog which promotes Humanism with atheism as base.
Ed's Page of Dogs, Cats, and Atheist Quotes
Variations of 10 comandments and random atheist quotes.
Editorial and daily life of a recently turned ex-christian and the life she now leads. Includes rants on her view of pornography, laws, and the people who live in this world.
God is for Suckers
Atheist weblog. Also offers links to other related resources.
How Good is That?
Personal weblog by Jim Gardner. Topics include religion, atheism, science, and rationalism.
Into the Pagan Heart of Trillanie
Features a variety of topics including atheism, critical thinking, skepticism, human rights, religions, history, medical, collecting, and art.
Is there a God?
Davide Andrea's theory on how we may experience a non-existent God.
Jim Lippard's Home Page
Homepage containing atheism and skepticism information and links.
Martin Rebas - Writings - Atheism
A selection of postings from the atheist newsgroups
Mississippi Atheists
Blog covering issues of interest to those without religion. Includes links to local groups.
No Deity
On skepticism and the journey from religion to freedom.
Notes from an Evil Burnee
Blog on things skeptical by UK-based Paul S. Jenkins, writer, tech-enthusiast, atheist and skeptic.
The Odd Blog
My blog, where I talk about politics, atheism, society, animation, government and zombie flicks. I also witter on about my fiction on occasion, plus whatever else strikes me as interesting.
Open Parachute
Blog for the philosophical discussion of religion, atheist. religious diversity and science.
A popular science and atheism blog from PZ Myers.
Raging Rev
A blog about a journey from being a devoted Christian to an atheist.
The Raving Atheist
Atheistic examination of american law and politics.
Religion is Bullshit
Opinions by Tim Sellers about religion. Contains articles, visitor feedback, and links.
The political, memetic, sociological, philosophical and humorous website of Martin Willett.
Science Vs. Religion
An irreverent look at religion.
Steven Carr Home Page
Atheism links, views on Christianity and Islam, debates
Strengthening your Atheism
An examination of the psychological processes that cause mankind to develop religious beliefs.
William Hopper's Heathen's Guide Blog
Author of the Heathen's Guide series, Hopper's blog contains information atheism, plus eastern, western, and fringe religions.
The Wise Fool
Bible book summaries and skeptical Bible commentary.
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Atheist
The trials and tribulations of a free thinker.

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