This category lists galleries, artists, and architects offering designs based on sacred geometry.

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Abstract Art by Astrid Fitzgerald
An exhibition based on sacred geometry and the Golden Mean Proportions. Includes paintings, constructions, works on paper and prints.
Barry Stevens - Painted Mandalas
Paintings with a contemporary design available as prints. Additional information about workshops and custom paintings.
Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page
Contains a resource center and a gallery of painted items. Other areas cover MandalaMaker software, an interactive Java program to create mandalas and links to other related websites.
Explores the convergence of scientific and spiritual thought with ancient and modern views of the universal principles involved. It includes diagrams, image galleries of mandalas and sacred geometry, and a directory of links.
DISAMORF - Mandala's
A series of Astrological Mandala's made by Fokke Duetz.
Early Tibetan Mandalas
An online catalogue and images of the Rossi Collection together with background information.
Francene Hart - Visionary Artist
Watercolor paintings available as full color prints or art cards. Also information about sacred geometry and workshops.
The Geometric Art of John Michell
A page with patterns of reconciliation between different number systems. Also contains a biography of the artist, and links to other galleries of his works. This is part of a larger website, with renderings by others, not necessarily on sacred geometry.
Have You Seen God - Mandala Collection
A selection of paintings by various artists.
Hebrew Art
Intense and ornate illuminated designs that come from Jewish spirituality and the meanings of the Hebrew letters. Artist Adam Rhine.
Internet Mandala Gallery of Agathe Petignat
Eight galleries of artwork drawn with colored pencils and compass. (Bilingual English/German)
KAStrick Designs Fine Art
Digital art and mandalas created by Kathryn Strick with MandalaMaker software. Her inspirations are multicultural and from the natural world.
Lotus Lazuli
Jewelry and power objects based on Platonic solids, Archimedean solids, and the golden ratio. Necklaces, pendants, earrings, altar pieces by artist Gretchen McPherson.
Maiah Creations
Meditative art includes symmetry/asymmetry mandalas and mystical art. Most are available as color prints, cards and themed coloring books.
Mandala Art Plates
Creations by artist Jo Thomas Blaine. Handmade paper, watercolor and glass combined to produce usable art.
Mandala by Nimiane
Shows a variety of artwork under different theme headings. Animated menu selections and display of the mandalas in the gallery with background music. (Bilingual: English/Dutch)
Mandala for spiritual development and coloring
Mandala for coloring is a pattern which can give you the best inspirations and answers to questions either in your spiritual progress or your everyday life.
Mandala Magic
The mandalas of Karen Scott (both for purchase and exhibition) and the courses she runs in creating mandalas for schools, children at risk and the general public.
The Mandala Project
Includes an on-line gallery to which everyone is invited to submit a personal mandala. Also has a large amount of reference material and information on workshops, and labyrinths. Message board and search engine.
Mandala: The Art of Power - the Power of Art
Contains a gallery of artwork by Ray Whiting and instructions on drawing mandalas. A discussion on using them for spiritual development is also included.
Mandalas by Blanche Paquette
A gallery of painted artwork containing both mathematical precision and an abundance of natural elements. [English and French]
Experience original mandalas reminiscent of ancient visual art. This is a gallery of original artwork available as limited edition prints. Also contains articles and links.
Marianne's Mandalas
Contains a gallery of mandalas by Marianne Severin Schillings, together with additional samples from guests. Also has information on electronic quilts, symbols, and e-cards. (Bilingual English/Dutch)
Metaphysical Life Coach: My Metaphysical Art
Nicolaas Maritz's work is a electromagnetic consciousness and is created out of crystals and copper to activate energy in a time space connection.
MetaPixel Studio and Art Gallery
An online portfolio of paintings and graphics by David Friedman. The gallery contains geometric and scenic fractal designs, and also some animated paintings.
Peter Eglington Art
Spiritual art in the new age. A gallery of art based on themes of eastern art forms and tribal art.
Sacred Ascension Art
Art prints and engravings based on principles of sacred geometry.
Sacred Geometry
Offeries galleries of artwork by Charles Gilchrist as well as information on geometric construction and mandalas, guides to drawing, and a coloring book.
Sacred Vision Designs
Visionary art of Aaron Pyne. Available for custom designs, web and video design. Browse the gallery of art filled with sacred geometry and other spiritual symbols.
Sand's Mandalas and Fine Art
A gallery of intricate watercolour paintings in the spiritual tradition of mandalas, using themes and motifs from various cultures. Created By Rosalind "Sand" Gittings, Byron Bay Australia) artist.
Serpent Mandalas
Original art including astrology themes, and personally commissioned pieces. Features profile of artist Lindy Longhurst and details of exhibits.
The Spiritual Art of Paul Heussenstamm
Mandala paintings available as custom prints in various sizes. Also available are commissioned paintings and workshops.
Starwheels by Aya
A collection of neo-mandala paintings by artist Aya.
Stephen Meakin
You can browse the galleries and buy sacred geometry prints and original paintings. Read about the artist and learn about his work and inspirations.
Susanne Fincher's Creating Mandalas
A gallery of traditional artwork, as well as mandalas made from assembling groups of vegetables. Instructions on creating/coloring and information on workshops are also provided.
The Visionary Art of New World Creations
Art by Atmara Rebecca Cloe includes fractals, mandalas, and visionary images. Also contains free clip art and wallpaper.
William McCauley - Digital Mandalas
The material started as photographs which were manipulated and combined to create a final image. The gallery contains the artwork, and also shows the elements used.
Yaacov Kaszemacher, Kabbalah Experience, Kabbalah Art
Israeli artist creates Kabbalistic and geometric abstractions and constructions, combining geometry with the universal wisdom of Torah, and explores the photographic documentation of religious Haredi Jewish life and Torah
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