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Organization offers classes, seminars, tapes and books to help make marriages "more vibrant."
Every Student: Is There Hope for a Lasting Marriage?
Provides relationship advice to minimize problems in marriage and avoid being a divorce statistic.
Family Dynamics Institute
Trains people to lead marriage and family-ministry programs at their churches. Seminar schedule and description, speakers list, and bookstore.
Christian marriage resources including articles, interviews, books and community.
Jay and Laura Laffoon
Offer a program in marriage education and wisdom. A part of Celebrate! Ministries. Alma, Michigan.
Love and marriage
Society's ideas have put many marriages into crisis. This is an answer to an opposition to the flow of society.
The Marriage Bed
Biblical information about sex and intimacy for married and soon to be married Christians. Based on both Bible and biology.
Marriage Builders
Contains answers to questions about relationships, infidelity, marriage counseling, and love.
Marriage Culture
We need to evaluate the values and patterns of our culture. Do they promote stable marriages? What can parents do for their children to help them have stronger marriages?
Marriage Healing International
Ministry that operates a live counseling room via the internet.
Marriage Intimacy
Offers information on a traditional view of intimacy in marriage.
Marriage Ministries of New Zealand
Provides information about marriage courses and activities of MMI New Zealand.
No Divorces
Attempts to lower divorce rates through teachings, referrals to helpful and successful organizations, through political action and public awareness campaigns.
A live-in weekend and post weekend program for married couples. The emphasis is on a new technique of communication between a husband and wife. Seminars offered in many countries.
Time for Marriage
Believes in the Christian basis of marriage. It seeks to create more rewarding marriages in churches and in the wider community.
Vatican: Marriage Preparation
A pastoral document on the preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage put together by the Pontifical Council for the Family. It emphasizes the importance of preparation.
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