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  • Find the single most appropriate category for your site. (With few exceptions, sites are listed in the directory in one category only.)
  • Submit your site using your main url.
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  • Create a brief description. (under 25 words)
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Don't bother using marketing verbiage. (We're the best!, the most beautiful women, lowest prices, ) Marketing verbiage is removed.
  • Sites which are gateways or splash pages to affiliate sites will not be added.
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  • Sites in the directory are subject to changes in placement, description and possible removal from the directory, based on this review. 

All sites submitted are reviewed by the directory's editors.
Sites are listed by the sites actual title, followed by a brief description.
This description will be based on the information you provide and the review of the website. Sites will be placed in the single most applicable and highest category based on our review.

Sites which are continually submitted to the directory, using either a main url or
sub-pages, will be banned. 

We don't list affiliate sites or co-branded sites.
It does the surfer no service to list hundreds of sites which all go to the same dating service and database of members.  We will only list the actual home page of these sites.

These affiliate sites include, but are not limited to; One and Only, Friend Finders,
IwantU,,, Four * Personals, Foreign Affair, Meet Market,
Singles on Line, Adult Friend Finders, Heart of Asia, Just Say Hi, Match On Line, Fantasy Match, and Sexy Ads.


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Related categories 1 Dating Advice
Articles exploring all aspects of dating.
Advice for Swingers
Information and advice for people that swing, covering sexual health, single men and clubs. Photo adverts, chatroom, forum and parties.
America's Dating Coach
Singles advice for finding love by Patti Feinstein. Prospects, perspective and services.
Coach Marcie
Life Coach specialising in dating. Weblog, bios, services, FAQ and articles.
Dating Essentials
Canadian Dating Coach Kateryna Spiwak offers free articles and advice.
Dating For Beginners
Articles exploring many aspects of dating. With advice and date ideas.
Offers a service to create an online dating profile. Contains dating tips and sample profiles.
Don't Date Him Girl
Find profiles of men who are alleged cheaters, articles on dating and relationships, advice to help women make better decisions in finding the right man.
Every Day Better Living - Understanding Women
Tips on how to understand women and have happier relationship with them.
Everyone's Guide to Online Dating
Weblog by Shimrit Elisar contains information about various dating sites, tips for online dating, and rants about the industry.
Freebies Dating
Free advice detailing the essential basics of dating that encourage confidence when meeting the opposite sex.
Love Sick Fools
Offers articles on dating, love and romance issues to help people in their conquest for love.
Love Victory
Author and speaker Dr. LeslieBeth Wish offers her advice and guidance on dating.
Men are From Mars - Where are the Rest of You From?
A nice guy's guide to dating. Examines the fun and pitfalls in the search for that "special someone".
A New Mode
Expert dating tips and relationship advice for women seeking to understand men, how men show their love and what men want in a relationship.
Purposeful Singleness
Join other single Christians in their journey of living purposeful and meaningful lives for Jesus Christ.
Romance On The Net
Safety and dating information for singles seeking online romance. Also features quotations and song lyrics.
Sacred Love
Founder Karinna Kittles-Karsten's matchmaking and relationship enhancement services and tools.
Sharp Living
Top ten tips from women to get the first date you want.
Single Guy's Opinion - Ask Men
Offers views on a variety of dating topics.
Surprise for your love
Share and find ideas for presents or things to do with the one you love.

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