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"Why Socialism?" by Albert Einstein
An indictment of capitalism by Time magazine's Man of the Century.
Abram Leon: The Jewish Question - A Marxist Interpretation (1946)
An influential work by the Belgian-Jewish Trotskyist published in 1946.
archive: the left side of the brain is bigger
A constantly growing collection of writings by left-wing thinkers: Sartre, Einstein, Orwell, Gandhi, Naomi Klein, Pinter, Picasso, Marx, Gore Vidal, Oscar Wilde, GB Shaw, Beauvoir, Martin Luther King, Alice Walker and others.
Calls for a cap on personal incomes as a solution to inequity.
The Communist Manifesto
The text that serves as the beginning of the communist movement
Erfurt Program, 1891
Radical program adopted by the German Social Democratic Party in 1891 which signified the party's adoption of Marxism.
Evolutionary Socialism
Excerpts from Eduard Bernstein's revisions of Marxism which established modern social democracy.
The Fight For Socialism
Programme of the Workers' Party (1946). The WP was a "Third Camp" split from the Socialist Workers Party. It was led by Max Shachtman.
Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution
Treatise from the Independent Group of Communists in Holland, 1930.
The Genesis of Trotskyism
Written in 1933, this pamphlet by Max Schachtman explains the development of Trotskyism and the International Left Opposition from the point of view of a leader of the American movement.
Global Document Index
A series of documents from various Trotskyist groups and tendencies.
The Gotha Program (1871)
Excerpts from the founding manifesto of the German Social Democratic Party
Manifesto of the Communist Party
Online text from Literature Project.
Marxist discussion and analytical resource material to guide the building of the revolutionary party and the socialist revolution. From the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI)
Marxists Internet Archive
The most complete database of Marxism hitherto made. The archive is divided into three major sections: Marxist writers, Marxist history, and reference materials. Marxist writers has information on Marxists from Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to Che Guevara to Vladimir Lenin to Rosa Luxemburg.
The National Question and the Class Struggle
Thesis by Ber Borochov (1881-1917) arguing that national liberation is a necessary component of the class struggle. Distinguishes between progressive and reactionary nationalism.
The Port Huron Statement
Written in 1962 and adopted by Students for a Democratic Society, the Port Huron Statement is considered to be a seminal document of the New Left.
Socialist Perspective
This site promotes socialism by critiquing capitalism, rather than by describing socialism. All material on this site can be freely distributed on a non-profit basis.
The State and Revolution
The Marxist theory of the state and the tasks of the proletariat in the revolution by Lenin.
Towards a New Socialism
Polemic against market socialism by W. Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell.
What is to be Done?
In which Lenin outlines the concept of the vanguard revolutionary party run according to the principles of democratic centralism.
Working Class Movement Library
A collection of materials concerned with the activities, expression and enquiries of the labor movement, its allies and its enemies, since the late eighteenth century.

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