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Democratic Socialist Movement (Nigeria)
Socialist news, policies and Marxist analysis of the DSM, with socialist campaigns, anti-war campaigns and support for workers, students, trade uinionists and women's struggles in Nigeria and internationally.
Freedom Socialist Party
Split from (US) SWP in 1960s over issues of feminism and civil rights work and strongly identified with feminism, anti-racism and gay and lesbian liberation, the FSP participates in the Peace and Freedom Party in California and the Labor Party (US). The FSP also has branches in Canada and Australia.
Peace and Freedom Party (U.S.)
A multi-tendency socialist and feminist party which has been on the ballot in California since 1968
Socialist Alternative
US section in solidarity with the Committee for a Workers International (CWI). The site contains the current copy of Socialist Alternative's newspaper, Justice, an archive of past editions and documents and information of general interest for socialist, workers and youth.
Socialist Labor Party of America
Daniel DeLeon founded the SLP in 1890. Facts about the SLP's history, its revolutionary principles and program, a definition of socialism, an SLP local directory and a short biography of Daniel De Leon.
Socialist Labour Party (Britain)
Union leader Arthur Scargill led this left-wing split from the Labour Party after its abandonment of Clause 4 which committed Labour to the nationalisation of industry.
Socialist Party (Ireland)
Campaigns in the interests of ordinary workers, the unemployed and young people, standing in the best traditions of James Larkin and James Connolly. Represented in the Irish Dail by Joe Higgins. Affiliated with the Committee for a Workers International.
Socialist Party (England and Wales)
Campaigns against attacks on the welfare state and for the rights of workers, youth and oppressed groups. Formerly known as "Militant Labour" and "Militant tendency" which led the anti-Poll Tax movement. The SP is a section of the Committee for a Workers' International.
Socialist Party of Canada
Affiliated to the World Socialist Movement. Listing their history, principles, perspectives on current events and publications.
Socialist Party of Great Britain
Party made up of people who have joined together because they want to get rid of the profit system and establish real socialism.
Socialist Workers Party (Britain)
Possibly the largest far-left group in Britain. Until recently the SWP had not run candidates in elections since the 1970s. Part of the "International Socialist Tendency" which is a loose grouping of organizations espousing the general line of the SWP and the theories of Tony Cliff.
Socialist Workers Party (Ireland)
Irish revolutionary socialist party standing for a workers' republic and international socialism and linked with Socialist Workers Party in Britain.
Workers' Revolutionary Party (Britain)
General Secretary is Sheila Torrence. Descended from the tendency led by Gerry Healy who was expelled in the 1980s. Ran one candidate in the last election. Rival of Socialist Equality Party both of which claim to be the British section of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

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