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Alliance for Workers' Liberty (Britain)
This group, formerly known as Socialist Organiser is active in the British labour movement and the Labour Party (Great Britain). The AWL is also moving towards an ideological position of "critical Marxism."
Australian Egalitarian Movement Inc (AEM)
Political organisation opposing capitalism and promoting egalitarianism .
Democratic Socialist Perspective (Australia)
Formerly the Democratic Socialist Party. Leninist, but not Stalinist and not Trotskyist, the DSP is enthusiastic about Cuba and Third World revolutions. Publishes Green Left Weekly. Is part of Australia's Socialist Alliance.
International Socialist Movement (Scotland)
Marxist tendency within the Scottish Socialist Party. Publishes the magazine Frontline.
International Socialist Organisation (Aotearoa New Zealand)
Includes articles from Socialist Review, meeting and contact information, discussion documents and other information.
International Socialist Organization (U.S.)
Publishes Socialist Worker weekly and International Socialist Review bimonthy. The ISO is not active in the US Labor Party and orients towards the student movement. The ISO was part of the International Socialist Tendency until its expulsion in 2001.
International Socialists Ireland
Documents and information by this group of former members of the Socialist Workers Party (Ireland) who argue that the International Socialist tendency is undemocratic.
Internationalist Group (U.S.)
The IG is led by Jan Norden, ex-editor of Workers' Vanguard, who was expelled from Spartacist League/International Communist League and formed the League for the Fourth International in which the IG is the US section.
League for a Revolutionary Communist International/Workers Power
This is a Trotskyist organisation dedicated to building a new world party of socialist revolution. Provides news from the press of the LRCI's press in 8 countries, Marxist theory, an online version of the Workers Power bulletin. The leading Section of LRCI is Workers' Power in Britain.
League for the Revolutionary Party (US)
This is the U.S. section of Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI) and was formed in 1976 after its members were expelled from the Revolutionary Socialist League which, itself, was a split from the International Socialists. The LRP is opposed to work in the Labor Party.
League of Revolutionaries for a New America (US)
Chicago-based activist group which seeks a more even distribution of wealth and greater social awareness among Americans.
Maavak Sozialisti - Socialist Struggle (Israel)
This is the Israeli section of the Committee for a Workers International and is a socialist organization working for the rights of working people, equality for Arabs and Jews. The site is in English.
New Socialist Group (Canada)
Articles from the magazine "New Socialist" and documents reflecting the group's politics which are close to those of the US group Solidarity.
Revolutionary Communist Group (Britain)
The RCG orients towards youth and emphasises issues such as anti-racism and anti-imperialism.
Socialism For A Real Labor Union
Marxist-De Leonist site affiliated with the Socialist Labor Party and the Real Union Of Social Science. Advocates the creation of a new type of labor union.
Socialist Action (U.S.)
This group is in sympathy with the United Secretariat of the Fourth International (USFI) and identifies with the minority tendency within the USFI. Socialist Action was formed by former members of the (U.S.) Socialist Workers Party.
Socialist Alternative (U.S.)
Publishers of "Justice" a newspaper for "Struggle, Solidarity and Socialism," Socialist Alternative is a Marxist tendency active in the Labor Party and in the trade union and student movements among others. The organization is the U.S. section of the Committee for a Workers' International. Formerly known as Labor Militant.
Socialist Party of Canada
Companion party affiliated with the World Socialist Movement, a Marxist, non-Leninist organization. Objectives and principles, pdf and text of the journal Imagine, publications and buttons for sale, and graphics and cartoons.
Socialist Project, Canada
Home of the Socialist Project, Relay and The Bullet. Original articles having a socialist analysis about the Canadian economy and working class.
Socialist Workers Organization (US)
Led by Carole Seligman and Nat Weinstein. Broke away from Socialist Action in 2001. Advocates solidarity with the Cuban revolution and the creation of a workers democracy in the US. Publishes "Socialist Viewpoint."
We Are Trotskyists And We Know How To Rap (original)
The original, and more amusing, webpage from the Generic Trotskyist League.Includes a great stream-of-consciousness rant about the far left.
Workers Democratic Network
Formerly a far-left formation within the US Labor Party. Now an activist group attempting to building rank-and-file democratising tenedencies within trade unions to fight business unionism.
Workers International League / Socialist Appeal
Website of the Marxist journal Socialist Appeal and the Workers International League in the USA. A description of the WIL program, letters and documents, news and history, and issue-oriented resources available.
Workers World
Under the leadership of Sam Marcy, this group split from the Socialist Workers Party (US) in the late 1950s over the latter's condemnation of the Soviet invasion of Hungary. News service and writings by Marcy.
World Socialist Network
An internet based group.
World Socialist Web Site
Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International; with articles and archives.

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