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American Zionism - The Real Problem (Edward Said)
Editorial by Said arguing that Zionism is a discourse in power in which Arabs are despised objects.
Anti-Zionism not Anti-Semitism
News and analysis from a viewpoint sympathetic to Palestinian liberation.
The Bible Unearthed
Larry Saltzman, a horticulturalist, actively opposed the occupation and destruction of orchards, and asserts that archaeological evidence indicates that ancient Israel was Canaanite, not Hebrew.
Die Roten: Israel/Palestine
A selection of online texts in English critical of Zionism including "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators" and "The Iron Wall" by Lenni Brenner and "The Hidden History of Zionism" by Ralph Schoenman as well as writings by Maxime Rodinson.
The Institute for Palestine Studies
An independent, non-profit Arab research organization, which is not affiliated with any political organization or government.
The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation - Zionism
This chapter of the book by Abram Leon, written during World War II and published posthumously, examines the origins of Zionism and provides a Marxist analysis of the ideology as a product of late capitalism.
Mahatma Gandhi Rejected Zionism
Article about Gandhi's attitdue towards Zionism.
Neturei Karta
Orthodox Jews who condemn Zionism and the treatment of the Palestinians as a heresy and violation of the Torah.
Orthodox Anti-Zionism
Short article on the religious basis of opposition to Zionism within ultra-Orthodox Judaism.
Undeniable Facts
A personal homepage critical of anti-Zionism. Includes links, highlights from PLO documents, and essays.
Why Zionism Is Racism
Argument from a Palestinian point of view.
Yeshayahu Leibowitz - World and Thought
Contains a biography, and an archive of articles, videos and newspaper columns.
Various anti-Zionist articles.
Zionism = Racism
Gives four grounds to categorise Zionism as racist. A brief study in comparative nationalism.
Reflections on Zionism From a Dissident Jew
Postulating that Zionism is racist in nature, following the US pullout from the Durban conference on racism. (September 06, 2001)
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