Includes material elucidating the role certain Christian beliefs have played in supporting a Jewish state in Palestine.

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Battalion of Deborah
Judeo-Christian Zionist group which stands for preserving the Biblical territorial sovereignty of the land of Israel and rebuilding the Temple.
A Christian Helped Establish the Israeli Army (
The story of British Zionist army officer Charles O. Wingate, 1917-1948.
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
An organization dedicated to helping Christians is concerned about Christianity's survival in the Holy Land under Israeli pressure.
Israel My Beloved
Bible prophecy, news and information on Israel and the Christian perspective from the International Christian Zionist Center.
Plymouth Brethren | Balfour Declaration
Cites this official statement issued by the British government in 1917, concerning a proposed home for the Jewish people in Palestine, in the context of Biblical prophecy.
Review of 'The Politics of Christian Zionism, 1891-1948'
Book Review by Daniel Pipes of Paul Merkley's 1998 history.
Where is Zion?
Tackles the meaning of 'Zionism' from a New Testament perspective. Looks at the role of the state of Israel in Messianic Zionism.
Zion friends of Israel
Icelandic Zion Friends of Israel Association contains information about why they support Israel, pictures of Israel and an extensive list of links to pro-Israel sites.
Dispensationalism and Racism (MMN)
Discusses the belief by some Christian Zionists that Jews must leave America and replace the Arabs in Palestine. (June 04, 2001)
Jewish World Review (Cal Thomas)
Calls for ethnic cleansing of Israel or "transfer" of large numbers of its Palestinian residents to Arab nations, as a counter-terror measure. (June 01, 2001)
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