Personal homepages covering libertarian philosophy or otherwise incorporating its ideas.

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Sanchez, Julian: Julian's Lounge
Libertarian essays and personal commentary.
Cate, Vincent
A libertarian living in Anguilla since 1994. Maintains a site, where he presents ideas about avoiding government e.g. by traveling around the world.
Cobin, John: Policy of Liberty
Books/papers on free market economics and policy. [English and Spanish]
Curry, Rex
Libertarian artwork and commentary.
Durst, Jack: The Economic Theory Reader
A reading list for students of political and economic theory.
Evans, Morley: Insight and Writing Portfolio
Morley Evans' writing portfolio.
Gabb, Sean
Writings from a publicist from England, editor of libertarian journal "Free Life."
Hollemans, Derek: The Young Libertarian Page
Homepage of a youth interviewed on NPR.
Karen Selick Home Page
Contains columns by Karen Selick from Canadian Lawyer magazine and other publications.
Kollar, Pavel: Free Ideas
Letters the author has sent to newspapers.
Landry, Peter: Blupete
The homepage of a libertarian lawyer from Nova Scotia.
Lessman, Thomas
Personal website containing policy positions, links and press coverage of a recent Kansas City candidate for Congress.
Lloyd, Chris: Libertarian Talking Points (Activism and Issues)
Tips and simple answers to aid in persuasion.
Mercer, Ilana
From political economy to pop culture, libertarian commentary and articles by Ilana Mercer.
Miller, Bob
A registered Republican with a libertarian / liberal mindset.
Mills, Rachel
Website of 2002 Libertarian candidate for North Carolina House, District 31. Organizer of Ladies of Liberty calendar.
Montoni, Marc
Discusses Libertarianism, truth in government, and other interests.
Moore, Carol
Home page of the libertarian pacifist activist, student of consciousness and writer.
Pina, Juan: liberal and libertarian pages
A Spanish classic liberal-libertarian thinker. You can read his Individual Self-Determination Manifesto and his CV / Bio information in English and Spanish.
Political Commentary
Commentary, articles, and links with a libertarian bent.
Romanoff, Lance Jonn
Libertarian politics and other personal essays.
Rubin, Charles: Language of Liberty
A collection of quotations on freedom and liberty.
Serendipity: Liberty and Democracy
Views on Mill's Essay On Liberty, gun control, transnational corporations, and other topics.
Strauss, Jaco: Absolute Common Sense
South African libertarian observes current affairs.
Syreeni, Sampo
Homepages of a Finnish libertarian. A variety of materials ranging from libertarian advocacy to personal, and on to atheism, music and computing related.
Titan, Lex: Our Liberty
Links, commentary, humor, and news.
Regular philosophical musings of a well-known Libertarian
Watson, Kennita
Personal website of a cryonicist, Libertarian, Extropian and 2002 candidate for California State Assembly.
Wells, Sam: Sam's Politically Incorrect Web Page
Book reviews and economic commentary with organized links on opposing political philosophy.
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