Weblogs ('blogs) of quality or notability, written by libertarians or modern classical liberals or about libertarianism or modern classical liberalism.

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Hit and Run
Reason Magazine staff writers' oft-updated 'blog offering commentary on the news of the day.
Adam Smith Institute Blog
Weblog from the UK free market think tank.
Personal observations on politics (libertarianism), religion (agnosticism), science and technology and entertainment.
A collaborative weblog of the libertarian economist Glen Whitman and jurist Tom W. Bell.
Balko, Radley: The Agitator
Weblog of a libertarian writer living in Arlington, Va, and publisher of The Agitator.com. His commentary frequently appears on FOXNews.com and other media websites.
The Beacon
The weblog of the Independent Institute.
The Becker-Posner Blog
Weblog by Gary S. Becker and Richard A. Posner.
Bishop Hill
Commentary and observations by a UK libertarian.
Blair, Tim
Weblog of an Australian journalist and commentator.
Browne, Harry: Journal
The official journal of the investment advisor and two-time Libertarian Party nominee for president.
Cafe Hayek
Libertarian weblog focused on social, political and economic issues.
A collaborative Australian weblog covering economics, geopolitics, and social commentary.
The blog of the Cato Institute, promoting an American public policy based on individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peaceful international relations.
Cenedella, Marc: Stone
This weblog covers libertarian politics, internet business, historical linguistics, and New York City.
Chicago Boyz
Commentary from a group of University of Chicago alumni students and their friends.
Chris' Libertarianism Blog
A weblog pertaining to libertarian issues in the United Kingdom.
Classical liberal comment on the news and current affairs.
The Cool Blue Blog
Prose, poetry and analysis of current news and events with an emphasis on items not widely distributed.
Cosh, Colby
The personal homepage and weblog of the National Post (Canada) journalist and editor.
Craddick, Paul: Fragmenta Philosophica
Commentary on a wide array of subjects, including current events and politics.
Don't Let Me Stop You
Commentary and some humor from a libertarian conservative perspective on ideas and events. Located in heart of "the Great American Desert" at Lincoln, Nebraska.
Drezner, Daniel W.
A conservative libertarian University of Chicago political science professor's Foreign Policy Magazine 'blog.
Franks, Dale
A weblog on politics, economics, gun control and foreign affairs.
Freedom Bunker
Libertarians, Tea Partiers & Conservatives fighting for free speech, free markets and limited government
Goffstown Soapbox
NH local state and national political commentary. A site that explores the misuse and abuse of governmental power.
Grier, Jacob: Eternal Recurrence
Libertarian weblog with book reviews.
Hanwadikar, Ashish: Ashish's Niti
A libertarian weblog with views and commentary on news related to political and economic events of the day.
Hawkins, Brian/Monkeys and Typewriters
A libertarian weblog covering news, politics, pop culture, and science.
Herbert, Aubrey: Economic Education
A Contemporary Look at Art, Economics, Culture, Political Malfeasance, and Global Affairs.
Holzel, Tom: Velocity Press
Weblog that examines controversial subjects based on facts, logic and the inclusion of exculpatory evidence.
Housworth, Gordon - Intellectual Capital Group
Links and discussion on intellectual property (IP) theft, terrorism, strategic risk, infrastructure defense, and weapons proliferation.
The Humble Libertarian
A conservative-leaning libertarian group 'blog providing frequent commentary on current events.
Jacobs, Joanne
Weblog of the freelance writer and former San Jose Mercury News columnist.
Judge Jim Gray's - It's A Gray Area
Orange County Superior Court judge and occasional candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Gray's 'blog on the War on Drugs and other topics.
Landrith, James: Taking The Gloves Off
Personal web site of a libertarian activist with a special focus on "mixed-race" and veterans issues. Features a weblog, commentary, advocacy letters and html versions of public domain texts on liberty.
Lane, Brian C: LibertyNews
Libertarian weblog.
Lartigue, Casey
Weblog of the Cato academic and school choice advocate.
The Lefty Libertarian
Weblog covering politics, terrorism and world affairs.
Lerner, Mark
Libertarian opinions on current events.
Lessman, Thomas: News and Opinions
Weblog containing political views and commentary from the 2004 Kansas City candidate for Congress.
Levy, Jacob T.
The weblog of a Chicago professor commenting on current events.
Libertarian Christian
A collection of articles and original writings on the cause of liberty in general, news, commentary and links.
Libertarian Intelligence
California candidate and activist Brian Holtz's thoughts on US Libertarian Party politics.
The Libertarian Snakebite Kit
Libertarian commentary on political and social issues.
A liberty-oriented weblog with news.
Lott, Jeremy: Jeremiads
Weblog of the libertarian journalist.
Marginal Revolution
A 'blog by George Mason University economists Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen offering cultural commentary and economists' insight on the news.
Maynard, James
A weblog about how to bring small government solutions to big government problems.
Michael B. Duff
Personal blog of Internet culture columnist Michael B. Duff. The 'blog is focused on politics, media trends and pop culture, from a libertarian perspective
Mick, Ed: Revealed Truth
This libertarian weblog covers politics, current events, sports and popular culture.
Mills, Rachel: Full Frontal Liberty
Weblog of former NC libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.
Moore, Chris: libertariantoday.com
The personal weblog of the editor of Libertarian Today.
An Instapundit-style news feed 'blog for libertarians.
Nielsen Hayden, Patrick: Electrolite
A liberal to libertarian weblog on issues of interest to a full-time science fiction editor and part-time musician in New York.
Oman, Nate: A Good Oman
Weblog featuring the observations of a law student.
Pillsbury-Foster, Melinda: How the NeoCons Stole Freedom
The site dissects the neoconservative movement and offers tactics for countering them.
Pope Hat
Group weblog covering politics and news from a libertarian perspective.
Postrel, Virginia
Weblog, speeches, articles, and information related to her book "The Future and its Enemies."
Libertarian commentary on global, American and UK politics. Particular expertise on psephology and election campaigns. The editor is a columnist with Campaigns and Elections and a lecturer at Cardiff University.
Reynolds, Glenn: InstaPundit.Com
A weblog offering opinions on current events, as well as humor and personal notes.
Rimensnyder, Sara: SaraGrace
A libertarian weblog about politics and culture.
Sacred Stew
A California modern classical-liberal's take on policy and culture.
A weblog for people with a critically rational libertarian perspective. Developing the libertarian meta-context for the future. From the very serious to the extremely frivolous.
Scheie, Eric: Classical Values
A libertarian weblog discussing politics, current affairs and pop culture.
Sherrie Gossett's Digital Dope
A reporter's notebook on current events.
Shoutin' Across the Pacific
Three friends, two in Georgia, one in Japan, discuss current events, the arts and trends on two continents.
Solent, Natalie
Weblog of a British libertarian.
Steckbeck Mark: The Liberal Order
In pursuit of a classical liberal social order.
Stone, Charles: Libarchy
Commentary relating to libertarianism, individualism, belief in the Constitution and free thought.
Stop HR 1528
A libertarian weblog monitoring the progress of H.R. 1528, a 2005 recent drug war proposal currently in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Surath Giri's Blog
Personal blog of an advocate of libertarianism in Nepal.
Taking Hayek Seriously
Hayek Center weblog on Austrian-school economics and the thought of Friedrich Hayek.
Weblog of the NYU Colloquium on Market Institutions and Economic Processes.
Thornton, Darmon C.
Website/weblog of a libertarian public servant.
Tom G. Palmer
Personal website of the Cato Institute's globetrotting polyglot academic.
Ulmann, Cal: Where HipHop and Libertarianism Meet
Weblog of a college student covering hip-hop, libertarianism, politics and current affairs.
United Liberty
A group 'blog featuring news, opinions, and videos with an editorial policy favoring free markets, individual liberty, and limited government.
Uotinen, Patrick: Thoughtery
Weblog of a Finnish market liberal. In Finnish and in English.
Volokh Conspiracy
Academic and legal commentary from Eugene and Sasha Volokh and others.
Walker, Jesse: The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
Weblog of an associate editor of the Reason Magazine.
Welch, Matt
The personal weblog, articles and columns of a freelance writer and associate editor at Reason magazine.
The drug war, economics, eminent domain, free speech, science and technology, entertainment and original photography are the subjects of this Chicago-based multi-author blog.
Witemyre, Matthew: Scary Shit
A discussion of religion, state's rights, the drug war, and politics in general from a Libertarian-Democrat and former Howard Dean staffer.

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