Personal homepages covering social liberal philosophy or otherwise incorporating its ideas.

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A BCer in Toronto
Personal web site of Jeff Jedras, liberal blogger for Canada's National Post.
Beard, Elton: Busy, Busy, Busy
Intermittent observations on the state of current affairs from a centrist, liberal-minded perspective.
Buck Naked Politics
Group weblog devoted to liberal ideas and policies.
Calder, Jonathan: Serendib
An intermittently Liberal anthology.
Cest Moi Citizen Media
A political commentary blog offering analysis of news and headlines from a generally independent left of center point of view.
Comments from Left Field
A liberal group weblog featuring political commentary and news analysis from a left-of-center point of view devoid of any automatic liberal party affiliation.
The Frustrated Teacher
A California public school teacher's perspective on politics, education, NCLB, and humor.
The Impudent Observer
Issues of liberal concern to engage readers in critical thinking issues.
Just Say Why
Opinions on current events, both local and global.
Kwaśniewski, Aleksander
Official web page of the former president of Poland.
Left Leaner
Liberal weblog on the issues of the day.
Liberal Oasis
Left-liberal articles and links covering political topics from mostly an independent liberal point of view; a weblog promoting big tent liberalism versus partisan, business as usual politics.
Liberal Values
Coverage of news and current events from an independent, oftentimes classical liberal point of view.
Loper, George Edward
Political views and commentary. Supportive of presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.
Macek, Steve
Home page of a media scholar, critic and progressive-left political activist.
The Mahablog
News, opinion, and discussion critical of the Bush Administration.
Maharaj, Akaash - Practical Idealism
Canadian author, political figure, and national athlete. Site includes blog, diplomacy projects, podcasts, social media networks, and media coverage.
Mathews, Richard M.
Includes résumé, astronomical photographs, genealogy and Reflections, a continuing series of liberal articles on issues of current interest in U.S. politics.
Commentary and satire on a variety of current economic and social issues.
Out of the Blue: The Serious Side
Opinions on current political issues.
Papamoka Straight Talk
An independent left-leaning political blog from a left-coaster from Massachusetts.
Political Corrections
Quotations from various adherents of progressive and liberal philosophies and political movements throughout the world.
Politics in the Zeros
A weblog about politics, California and otherwise. Tilts to the left.
The Pragmatic Progressive
Political Analysis and Commentary
Proud "Bleeding Hearts"
A weblog inspired by the 2004 US Presidential election. Commentary on liberal/left leaning candidates.
Reconstitution 2.0
Irony, humor and serious political commentary from a liberal perspective.
Robert Reich
Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. Commonly posts on economic topics in United States politics.
Silverman, Mike: Red Letter Day
A weblog about politics and gay issues from a liberal point of view.
Silverstein, Richard: Tikun Olam
Journal of personal opinion on U.S. and Mideast politics, the arts, and world music.
Swerve Left
Derisive diatribes about the state of the nation, nation states and swerving leftward from an independent, American liberal thinker.
Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news from the perspective of left-leaning legal professionals.
Tom Daschle's Ghost
The ghost of a center-left Democrat peers out at the post-2004 political landscape, trying to figure out what's next for American progressives.
Treanor, Paul
Liberalism, market, ethics; nationalism, geopolitics, the state; the future of Europe; urban theory and planning.
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