For purely theoretical discussions and expositions on the topic of globalization.

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Democratic World Federalists
Promoting goals toward the abolition of war and crimes against humanity and a just world community through public action and activism aimed at the development of enforceable world law.
The Essence of Neo-liberalism
Pierre Bourdieu argues in Le Monde Diplomatique that neo-liberalism may actually impede the free market mechanisms it advocates, 1998.
William Scheuerman's social theory and philosophical issues on the topic.
IDENTITIES: How Governed, Who Pays?
An electronic publication about key principles of identity formation and governance. Author: H.B. Paksoy, 2001. Carrie full-text electronic library, University of Kansas.
Is Neo-liberalism Dead in Latin America?
Article by Stephen Johnson, 2003. States that liberalism is at risk of not succeeding as long as democracy and free markets are only partially adopted, and while authoritarian regimes seem to be reappearing with alarming frequency.
Attempts to summarise the topic as a philosophy, not simply as an economic issue.
Neo-liberalism - Wikipedia
Encyclopedia article defines the issue.
Neo-Liberalism and Globalization
Thesis by Peru's Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru (MRTA) against neo-liberalism in Latin America.
Neo-liberalism Defined
Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo García provide a definition for the set of policies known as neo-liberalism and trace its impact on the world through globalization.
Neoliberal Myths and Reality
Economist Martin Hart-Landsberg examines the Mexican experience with neo-liberalism. [PDF]
A Primer on Neo-liberalism
Brief overview on concepts on this matter. Includes how it emerged.
A Short History of Neo-liberalism
Text of a speech by Susan George outlining twenty years of neo-liberal economic policies.
Under Siege! Global Capitalism and the Socialist Alternative
Online booklet puts forward a Marxist perspective on globalization.
Neo-liberalism v2.0
Steve Tibbett, head of policy and campaigns for War on Want writes that neo-liberal policies that claim to fight poverty have the reverse effect. (July 02, 2003)
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