This category includes sites maintained by conservative student publications. The sites should be well-maintained, due consideration being given for journals or magazines which have longer print schedules. Otherwise, any publication by high school, college, or university students in the United States self-declared to be conservative will be considered for inclusion in this category. Submissions are also welcome from publications outside the United States which profess an editorial focus in line with American conservatism; primarily, support of the free market and limited government and defense of Western civilization and a high standard of public morality.

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Bulldog News
Distinctively conservative newspaper run by students at the California State University, Fresno since 1959. Daily on-line edition.
The California Patriot
An independent monthly of news and conservative opinion at the University of California, Berkeley; published by the Berkeley Conservative Foundation. Feature articles, letters, articles from current and archived issues, staff list, and history.
The Chicago Criterion
Journal of conservative though at the University of Chicago. Site provides staff list, letters to the editor, and subscription and advertising information.
The Collegiate Network
A network of conservative alternative student newspapers and magazines established in 1979 to focus public awareness on the politicization of American higher education. Description of member services, alumni information, and links to member publications provided.
The Harvard Salient
The conservative undergraduate publication at Harvard University. Current issue, archives to 1994, and related links provided.
The Michigan Review
Articles and editorials from the conservative student publication of the University of Michigan. Also provides archives and information about subscriptions and advertising.
Northwestern Chronicle
Weekly updates, student opinion, investigative reporting, and archives of the conservative newspaper of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.
Oregon Commentator, The
A conservative journal of opinion founded in 1983 at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Current and archived issues, staff updates and masthead, favored links, and message board.
Stanford Review
Independent student-run conservative newspaper at Stanford University.
The Vanderbilt Torch
Student libertarian and conservative commentary magazine at Vanderbilt University. Current and archived issues and profiles, masthead, letters, media links, and submission and advertising information.
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