Conservative online journals with commentary on current issues and links.

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Ace of Spades HQ
Conservative topics are discussed daily with photos and videos amid random chaos.
American Tea Party Politics
Tea Party politics and its impact on American political life.
The Atheist Conservative
A weblog written by atheist conservative writer Jillian Becker.
BrothersJudd Blog
Commentary on current events with a conservative slant.
Brussels Journal
Weblog focusing on European and world affairs with a specialty in Belgian matters.
Chicks On The Right
Conservative women bloggers.
Conservative News and Views
Commentary on the US Constitution, finance, politics and religion.
Conservative Refocus
A news and opinion website focused on delivering conservative news and original opinion pieces on current events.
Conservatively Speaking
Conservative analysis and commentary on the issues of the day with in-depth articles.
Dullard Mush
News and commentary on politics in Nevada and elsewhere.
An offbeat weblog, with archives, covering current issues from a conservative and Catholic view.
Fairly Conservative
Conservative commentary focused on Wisconsin.
A Hollywood Republican
Opinions and commentary from conservatives in the entertainment industry.
Independent Sentinel
Conservative commentary & original content on national and local New York topics.
Liberty Trail
Conservative commentary on politics and media for regular folks.
Little Green Footballs
Weblog covering issues dear to both conservatives and US liberals.
Massachusetts Conservative Feminist
Opinion and commentary on state, regional, and national news articles Tina Hemond.
Michelle Malkin
Conservative political commentary from a national columnist and cable news personality.
Military News and Information
Conservative site focused on military matters.
No Oil for Pacifists
Conservative humor blog.
Nuke's News and Views
This weblog covers current events, the news of the day, and opinion from a conservative perspective.
One Citizen Speaking
Review of topical news, science, technology, politics, and security from a conservative perspective.
Opinions on current events.
Outside the Beltway
Opinion and social commentary from a conservative perspective.
Patriot Statesman
Conservative commentary on topics ranging from politics and culture to religion and family.
Patterico's Pontifications
Personal opinions from a Southern California prosecutor.
A Plebe's Site
Commentary on the politics of the day, on economic matters, and on political economy.
The Political Commentator
Conservative commentary and opinion on current issues in U.S. politics and foreign policy.
Power Line
Weblog covering income taxes, campaign finance and welfare reform, affirmative action, race in the criminal justice system and conservative politics.
Red State Talk Radio
Politics, commentary, and radio from the Scott Adams Show.
Conservative commentary and analysis of current events with an emphasis on judicial opinions.
Right of Center
Personal commentary and humor from a right-centrist perspective.
Conservative and Libertarian political commentary and analysis, as well as news and current event stories.
Essays on politics, socio-economics, bureaucracy and government.
Snapped Shot
A weblog that covers photojournalism from a political perspective.
South Dakota War College
Coverage of all things in South Dakota politics.
Sunshine State Sarah
Conservative political, legal, and humor blog focused on Florida.
Sweetness and Light
Weblog featuring U.S. and international news and analysis from a conservative perspective.
The Unalienable Right
Daily commentary from the editors of American Federalist Journal
View from the Right
Weblog offering news, commentary and philosophical reflections from an antimodern traditionalist conservative perspective.
Virginia Right
Conservative political blog focused in part on the state of Virginia.
Stephen Green's writer and investors conservative political journal.
Weasel Zippers
News and commentary with a conservative flair.
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