Think tanks, policy institutes, and other organizations or academic departments devoted to the study of conservative theory or the development conservative public policy.

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Allegheny Institute
Pennsylvania-based conservative think tank devoted to local government issues. Recent papers on key issues, information about events and publications, and related links.
Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs
An academic forum for the study, research and discussion of the principles and practices of American constitutional government and politics at Ashland University. Archive of publications and RealAudio speeches.
The Bradley Foundation
Private foundation established by Lynde and Harry Bradley to support individualism, self-government, and free-market causes. Describes publications, staff and directors, grantee showcase, application process, the Lion House, and
Center of the American Experiment
A conservative think tank in Minnesota, focusing in improving education, strengthening free market economy and reducing poverty and crime.
Centre for Policy Studies
The institute develops and publishes public policy proposals and arranges seminars and lectures on topical policy issues, as part of its mission to influence policy around the world.
The Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy
Projects, recent writings, event and publication information, and news releases from the Californian think tank.
Discovery Institute
A Christian institute discovering and promoting ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty.
Edmund Burke Foundation, The Netherlands
The Burke Foundation seeks to promote conservative philosophy, develop policy proposals, bring together those interested in conservatism in The Netherlands and to change public opinion in the notoriously 'progressive' country.
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Seeks to clarify and reinforce the bond between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues. Its program includes research, writing, publication, and conferences. Located in Washington, DC.
The Faith & Reason Institute
The Institute aims at bringing both Faith and Reason to bear on all the issues that confront people. It addresses questions of economics, politics, public policy, science, technology, the environment, and public culture, from perspective of both faith and reason.
Free Congress Foundation
A Washington, D.C. conservative research institute and policy education organization with policy centers on technology, law and democracy, cultural conservatism, and governance. Articles and releases, publications, and store available online.
Frontiers of Freedom Institute
Founded in 1995 by Malcolm Wallop, Frontiers seeks to lead the conservative movement against an ever more powerful and intrusive federal government, and to restore and maintain individual rights.
The Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Research and education foundation dedicated to limited government, private enterprise, and individual responsibility. Press releases, publications, current research and initiatives, and related links available.
Goldwater Institute
Independent conservatives dedicated to advancing freedom and protecting the Constitution. Includes articles, videos, blog, and policy reports.
Hudson Institute
U.S. domestic and foreign policy tank. Includes profiles of scholars, event information, published research and policy center information, and current headlines.
Konrad Adenauer Foundation
Offers political education, conducts scientific fact-finding research for political projects, grants scholarships to gifted individuals, researches the history of Christian Democracy. Some information in English.
Leadership Institute
Arlington, VA-based organization which identifies, recruits, trains, and places conservatives within the public policy process in the US and abroad.
Maine Heritage Policy Center
A research and educational organization which formulates and promotes conservative public policies in the U.S. state of Maine. Includes text of op-eds and links to other New England policy institutes.
National Center for Policy Analysis
NCPA is a non-profit public policy research institute seeking innovative private sector solutions to public policy problems.
National Center for Public Policy Research
A conservative think tank and policy institute covering Congress, insider political information, global warming and the environment, legal reform, Social Security, and campaign reform.
The Nevada Policy Research Institute
Conducts research on public policy issues affecting the state and the U.S. FAQs, papers on current research areas, and link list.
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy
San Francisco-based non-profit advocating for personal responsibility and individual liberty in national and state issues. Site offers extensive archive of papers and presentations from PRI research centers, as well as event information, publications link, and voter education resources.
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