Links to philosophers who are noted for their contributions to the philosophy of mind, as well as home pages of individual professional philosophers of mind, giving access to their writings and/or other information about them.

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Bechtel, William
Editor of the journal Philosophical Psychology, and Professor of Philosophy at UCSD.
Block, Ned
Philosopher of Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Consciousness. Online articles and course outlines.
Brian L. Keeley.
Philosophy of artificial life (Washington Univ., USA).
Dreyfus, Hubert
Phenomenologist and leading critic of Artificial Intelligence research.
Eliasmith, Chris
Mental representation, Dynamic Systems Theory, Connectionism, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Epistemology, etc. Editor of the online Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind.
Fiona Macpherson
Works on philosophy of mind, psychology, consciousness and perception. Director of the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience at the Department of Philosophy, University of Glasgow.
Grush, Rick
Works on philosophy of representation, semantics (of natural language), theoretical neuroscience and metaphysics.
Honderich, Ted
Home page of this philosopher of mind (and of politics), giving access to his latest thought on the nature of consciousness as existence, and on the free-will versus determinism issue (amongst other things).
Horst, Steven
A critic of naturalism about the mind in general, and the computational theory of the mind in particular. Although computational approaches to cognition may be scientifically valid, they do not explain intentionality or solve the mind-body problem.
Jürgen Braungard
Focusing on the philosophy of the subject, collects philosophical essays and texts from other related disciplines.
Lepore, Ernest
Philosopher of language, logic, meatphysics and mind, and director of the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science.
Noë, Alva
Papers on the Philosophy and Cognitive Science of visual perception by this philosopher, based at the University of California, Berkeley.
Schwitzgebel, Eric
Interests include: our poor knowledge of our own conscious experience, dispositional theories of belief, developmental psychology, and evil.
Silby, Brent
Provides a number of ePapers on consciousness, memetics, evolution, and the philosophy of mind.
Giles, James
Philosophical psychology, philosophy of psychiatry, Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, the nonexistence of the self, early Greek thought, existentialism, psychoanalysis, and human sexuality.
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