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Diagrams (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Article from the encyclopedia edited by Zalta, Nodelman and Allen (Metaphysics Research Lab – Center for the Study of Language and Information – Stanford University).
Essence, the metaphysical ground of logic and language
The bankruptcy of logic, the stultification of reason and the meaninglessness of all views, by Colin L. Dean [PDF]
Issues of logic, algebra and topology in ontology
The interpretation of the symbols involved in a case study of geometric logic, being aided by a presentation of the logic as a sequent calculus.
Logic and Formal Ontology
Essay that begins with an exposition of Husserl's act-based conception of what a science is, and goes on to consider his account of the role of linguistic meanings, of the ontology of scientific objects, and of evidence and truth.
Logic and Ontology
Review of the historical relation between logic and ontology and of the opposition between the views of logic as language and logic as calculus.
Logical Properties
Patricia Blanchette reviews this book by Colin McGinn. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
Meaning and the Problem of Universals
Subtitled a "Kantian-Friesian approach", an article by Kelley L. Ross. A historical survey of the problem of universals.
On the Logic of the Ontological Argument
Article by Paul E. Oppenheimer and Edward N. Zalta which presents a formalization of the ontological argument. [PDF]
On the Origins of Analytic Philosophy
Review of the German and Austrian traditions of post-Kantian philosophy. Austrian philosophy is characterized by a concentration on problems of logic, language and ontology. [PDF]
The Philosophy of Bernard Bolzano: Logic and Ontology
A selection of critical judgements on the philosophy of Bernard Bolzano, with a focus on his contributions to logic and ontology.
Relating ontology and logic
The thesis of this book is that Russell's work in logic cannot be understood separately from his ontological ideas, here somewhat archaically labeled "metaphysical". [PDF]
The Role of Logic and Ontology in Language and Reasoning
This article analyzes the design of automated systems for reasoning in terms of Peirce’s semiotics and Wittgenstein’s language games.
Semantics and Ontology in Quantified Modal Logic
Discussion about how to individuate a single formal system as paradigmatic for a philosophical view, by Stefano Borgo and Claudio Masolo. [PDF]
To Be and to Belong
Lecture on the fundamentals of philosophy by Juan José Luetich. Definitions are the undertaking of ontology; confronting definitions engages the field of dialectics; logic completes the circle, acting to obtain new definitions. [PDF]
Vagueness, Logic, and Ontology
Article by Achille Varzi about vagueness of boundaries in definitions and categories.
Why are logic and ontology prior to language?
A review on the picture theory and the expressive theory of language and a possible conciliation, by Berislav Žarnić.
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