This subcategory includes links to e-texts, both in HTML and in text format, of the works of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle's principle writings include: The Organon (including, among others, The Categories, Topics, and On Sophistical Refutations) The Physics On the Heavens On Generation and Corruption Meteorology History of Animals On the Parts of Animals On the Movement of Animals On the Soul Parva Naturalia The Metaphysics Nichomachean Ethics Magna Moralia Eudemian Ethics The Politics Constitution of Athens The Rhetoric The Poetics

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The Athenian Constitution
Frederic Kenyon's translation from the Internet Classics Archive. Text-only version is available for download.
Athenian Constitution
By chapter. Translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon, transcribed by the University of Virginia, and provided by the Avalon Project at Yale Law School.
Translation by E. M. Edghill of this work by Aristotle, from the Internet Classics Archive. Text-only version available for download.
Free Online Library: Aristotle
A short biography and online texts of the Categories, the Poetics, and the Politics.
Translated by W. D. Ross [Internet Classics Archive].
English translation by W. D. Ross, 1924; Greek text also available [Perseus].
On Dreams
Written 350 B.C.E, translated by J. I. Beare [Internet Classics Archive].
On Generation and Corruption
English translation by H. H. Joachim [Internet Classics Archive].
On Interpretation
E. M. Edghill's English translation [Internet Classics Archive].
On Interpretation by Aristotle
Translated by E. M. Edghill. Text-only version at Eserver.
On Longevity and Shortness of Life
Written 350 B.C.E, translated by G. R. T. Ross [Internet Classics Archive].
On Memory and Reminiscence
Written 350 B.C.E, translated by J. I. Beare [Internet Classics Archive].
On Prophesying by Dreams
Translated by J. I. Beare [Internet Classics Archive].
On Sense and the Sensible
English translation of Aristotle's work by J. I. Beare [Internet Classics Archive].
On Sleep and Sleeplessness
Translated by J. I. Beare [Internet Classics Archive].
On Sophistical Refutations
Translated into English by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge [Internet Classics Archive].
On the Heavens
Aristotle text translated by J. L. Stocks [Internet Classics Archive].
On the Soul
Translated by J. A. Smith [Internet Classics Archive].
Physics by Aristotle
Translated by R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye. Part of the Internet Classics Archive at MIT.
An eight-part English translation of Aristotle's Politics by Benjamin Jowett [Internet Classics Archive].
Politics by Aristotle
Benjamin Jowett’s translation. At Eserver.
Posterior Analytics
English translation by G.R.G. Mure [Internet Classics Archive].
Prior Analytics
A.J. Jenkinson's English translation [Internet Classics Archive].
Squashed Aristotle's Politics
Aristotle's Politics in 3,200 words
The Works of Aristotle
Translations of the Poetics, Rhetoric, and others. Hosted by Liberty Online.

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