Blogs, or weblogs, have recently become ubiquitous. They have the format of a diary. The most recent entries are displayed near the top.
Aphorisms and Paradoxes
On life, death, religion, sex, politics, money, leisure, nature, travel, history.
Becoming Uberman
With enough training and focus, people are capable of anything. Reach physical and mental peak performance or simply wax philosophic about the journey to becoming legendary.
The Bluebird Patch
Motivates people to fight for their right to be happy.
Canned Lover
Commentary on life in today's world.
Chapter 3
A personal reminiscence on life from a youth's point of view.
Choose Freedom
Discusses family, life, health, and living intentionally and deliberately.
Control Your Destiny
Trying to find an easier way of life
Discusses economics, politics, and science in order to share and analyze serious critical thinking.
Dive into the Void
A highly introspective weblog that delves into the depths of understanding oneself and the world.
Eriq0's blog
Seeks to inspire and motivate by discussing how everything relates to our existence and life.
Esteem News
Writings about esteem in current events.
Ethical Realism
Philosophical reviews, commentary, and arguments at the academic level.
Future Historian
Discusses ideas that no one wants to question.
The Holy Dark
Michael Glawson has a background in theology, continental philosophy, and the philosophy of science. The Holy Dark is a place where he lets his mind wander.
Khudadad's Knols
Philosophy as a personal pursuit.
Many Random Words
Knowledge left behind on the search for truth.
Paul Nervy Notes
Well organized compilation of jokes, poems, and stories by topic.
Perspectives of Life
Eclectic commentary on topics including religion, the environment, family, travel, and psychology.
Philosophical science fiction weblog that strives to inspire.
Shares thoughts about what it means to be human and alive in the 21st century.
Quantum Fires:
An exploration of the use of bias and division to manipulate manipulate mankind to advance narrow goals that exploit our species and planet.
Ravings of an Aspirant and a Wikiphiliac
Devoted to introducing readers to a fresher, newer, lighter aspect of life.
Real Stories! Amazing Adventures!
A regularly updated blog and podcast about social-philosophical issues.
Realities of Life
Discusses important life issues, including ways to improve personal life and finances, and ways to improve marriages and relationships.
SMART Living 365
Sharing ideas to create a happier, more meaningful and more conscious life.
Temple of Thought
A rendezvous for different people with different opinions. Includes a forum for posting messages.
Ten Things I Love
Encourages a focus on the good in people.
Uda Armetra
Shares the lessons of life and thought.
Unbounded Life
Series of reflections on efficacy, self-actualization, visioneering and overcoming adversity from China entrepreneur Chris Barclay.
Ways to Out-Live Yourself
Takes the accounts of a young man and his friends on their journey to remain positive.
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