Personal philosophical theories attempt to explain reality in an effort to find or speculate about the truth.
Circular Theory
A theory of everything integrating the work of Einstein, Jung, Thales, Pythagoras and Hegel. Introduces a framework for world peace called Opposite ApproachTM.
Introduction to Objectual Philosophy
A book with a table of contents to the chapters and available as a PDF.
The LUPOL: The Logical Ultimate Purpose Of Life
Proposal to survive this planet's finite capacity to support life and to find a way to either escape the universe or prevent its demise.
Metaphysics of Space and Motion
A scientific description of reality hypothesizing that matter exists as the spherical wave motion of space, with wave-centers causing particle effects, and wave motion causing time.
The Mind Body Complex
Proposes that the mind-consciousness system can be simplified into four branches or perspectives of law: social constructivism, neo-realism, positivism and naturalism.
The Perfect World
Argues about making basic financial capability a legal requirement to become a parent. You can post messages vote for or against the theory or buy the book.
Pure Logic Philosophy’s Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
Proposes that the lack of intelligence on earth can be deduced from a systematic search of the internet.
The Relational View of Fabc
Description of reality in terms of form-working-form trinities, wherein the workings are the spirit of nature, and our mind is a sense-organ for the spirit.
Social Structure of the Universe
Theory based in the potential for words, the fundament on which all existence is built.
Devoted to the science of wisdom dealing with the most general laws and principles that govern all the forms of manifestation of the universal matter.
Theory of Absolute Relativity
The search for meaning and truth through philosophy, religion, science, and metaphysics. The reader is warned that it may be a tedious process to learn to understand the author.
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