This category provides links to information on postmodern philosophy and critical theory, from basic introductions to complex academic work. Alongside sites with information on specific theorists and complex philosophical ideas, it contains links to the lighter side of postmodernism. Sites are usually quite general, offering definitions of postmodernism, links to related resources or a variety of articles. Related categories include Religion - dealing with how the Christian church relates to postmodern culture; and Art - covering postmodernism in contemporary art. Postmodernism is difficult to define and encompasses a number of philosophical ideas. In general, it is the rejection of ‘meta narratives’ or big theories. Rather than being the next thing in line to ‘modernism’ it rejects linear timelines and the need to constantly create something new. Postmodernism jumbles all that has gone before together in a ‘collage’ effect. Whereas modernism deals with the autonomous individual working towards an ordered world, postmodermism embraces a notion of a chaotic, anonymous experience in which distinctions disappear. The postmodern mantra is ‘think globally, act locally’.

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Everything Postmodern
A postmodern webguide containing links to over 1000 postmodern theory resources, sites and journals.
An international journal of theory, technology and culture; publishing articles, interviews, event-scenes and reviews of key books.
Interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies, addressing critical issues in contemporary institutions and practices.
Cyberspace and Critical Theory
Based on the courses 'Hypertext and Literary Theory' and 'Cyberspace, Virtual Reality and Critical Theory', this is a collection of more than 70,000 interlinked resources.
Dear Habermas
A weekly journal of postmodern and critical thought, devoted to cross-disciplinary academic discourse on social, philosophical and political issues of justice and morality.
Postmodern Culture
An electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures, published by Johns Hopkins University. Subscription required.
Postmodern Dreaming
Philosophical writings of Richard Catlett Wilkerson
The Qualitative Report
An online journal of qualitative research and critical inquiry.
Representations Online
Online presence of a printed quarterly journal of humanities and interpretive social sciences, published by the University of California Press.
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