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Academy for Educational Development
Independent, nonprofit organization committed to solving critical social problems in the U.S. and throughout the world through education, social marketing, research, training, policy analysis and innovative program design and management.
An international non-governmental organisation which works alongside some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in remote and conflict-affected parts of Africa.
African American Self-Help Foundation
Works in the United States and Africa for children, AIDS, immunization, hygiene and water projects and help for single moms.
Aga Khan Development Network
Information on their works in the fields of health, education, culture, rural development and economic promotion, primarily in least-developed countries in Asia and Africa.
Aid Without Borders (AWB)
Israeli voluntary humanitarian organization. Offers humanitarian aid throughout the world to inhabitants of regions in distress - to victims of natural disasters as well as victims of violent conflict. Provides assistance to all individuals in need regardless of background.
Art For Development Network
Aims to create opportunities for arts advocates and development stakeholders to find new ways together to improve communities all around the world. Includes database of artists who will work with development organizations.
BODHI Australia
Organization working on developing sustainable improvements to health, education, the environment, and human rights in developing countries.
Boulder-Lhasa Sister City Project
Organization in Boulder, Colorado which promotes non-political exchanges of mutual benefit in medicine, education, environment, technology, and culture between the peoples of Boulder, Colorado and Lhasa, Tibet, and surrounding areas.
Bread and Water for Africa (BWA)
American organization working to support improvements in provision of water, medical care schools, electricity, food. Works in African countries - Kenya, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Ethiopia.
A Call To Serve
Columbia, Missouri campaign to donate iodized salt to Georgia (state of the former Soviet Union). The salt will help combat thyroid related problems such as goiter, mental retardation and weakened immune systems.
The Carter Center
Organization founded by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to fight disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression around the world.
Center for Conscious Evolution
A resource hub for fostering greater cooperation and coherence within the global movement toward positive change. Includes articles, training, events and an online community.
Change for Children Association
A Canada-based organization which supports grassroots community-based development projects throughout Latin America, and also carries out a development education program in Canada. Focus on Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico and Guatemala.
Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)
Private social science research foundation working on issues of development and human rights, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Norway.
Clinton Global Initiative
Helping meet the challenges of global interdependence by focusing on economic empowerment; health security and HIV/AIDS; racial, ethnic and religious reconciliation; and education, leadership development and citizen service. Includes news, video clips, and information on their September conference and participants.
Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF)
CHF serves as a catalyst for sustainable positive change in low- and moderate-income communities around the world, helping to improve their housing, economic circumstances and environments.
COPE International-USA
Organization working in various ways. Initiatives include health rehabilitation in underserved areas of the Middle East and North Africa, building small dams in Yemen and working for orphanages in Yemen. It also operates in the area of emergency preparedness in the United States.
Counterpart International
A non-profit international development organization, working in over 60 countries to build a more just world. Runs humanitarian, civil society, environmental, enterprise development, health and food security programs.
Creating Hope International
Organization working to help education, health, social, economic levels especially for women and children.
Development & Peace
Aims to improve living and working conditions in 70 countries around the globe, funding human rights, community development and humanitarian aid in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
The Development Gateway
Uses affordable information and communication technologies to increase knowledge sharing, build local capacity, enhance effectiveness and improve transparency for organisations in developing countries.
Enersol Associates, Inc.
A private organization using clean solar energy to improve people's lives in rural Latin America. The programs include using solar energy to power pumps to make clean water available and using solar energy to power school computers in unelectrified rural communities.
Equilibres et Populations
Organization advocating a more efficient use of international aid to developing countries. Site in French and English.
Firefly International
Works with vulnerable and marginalised groups to combat social division and inequality around the world. Projects, volunteer opportunities, and resources for community projects worldwide.
Danish Tvind-related organization supporting research for humanitarian purposes including environmental preservation. Includes background information on the organization and its projects.
Friendship Bridge
Organization which empowers Guatemalan women and their families through microcredit and education.
The Future Group
A charitable organization in Calgary, Canada. This organization works on the frontlines of the world's most challenging issues. It has carried out work to help victims of child sex slavery in Cambodia.
Non-profit organization working to expand internet use in emerging nations. Includes newsletters and information on volunteering.
Global Assistance
Provides humanitarian relief throughout the world. Works to assist the global community in addressing the need for medical supplies and other humanitarian aid in the neediest areas.
Global Development Network (GDN)
Supporting and linking research and policy institutes involved in the field of development, and whose work is predicated on the notion that ideas matter.
Global Dialogues
Organisation promoting education and communication about AIDS. Offices in Burkina Faso, England and USA. [English, Portuguese, and French]
Global Hope Network
A compassionate humanitarian organization based in Orlando, Florida.
Green Cross Austria-Romania
International aid organization. Site provides information on current activities and projects, as well as how to help.
Healing Hands for Haiti
Organization dedicated to helping the handicapped in Haiti through direct medical care, training of care providers in Haiti.
Heart to Heart International
Heart to Heart International is a relief and development organization that specializes in volunteer action and worldwide humanitarian assistance to alleviate human suffering.
Heifer International
A non-profit organization whose goal is to help end world hunger and poverty through self-reliance and sustainability.
A German humanitarian development organization which has child-focused development programs in Asia and Africa. Has programs to help rural communities, women, children and child health care. that aims to promote the relief of poverty in developing countries through self reliant activities among the rural people, especially women and children.
Humana People to People
Humanitarian organization that has projects worldwide. Has projects related to - education, children, refugees, environment, HIV/AIDS, used clothes collection, and others. Related to the Danish Tvind organization.
The Hunger Project
A global movement aiming to end hunger in Africa, Asia and Latin America by empowering local people to create lasting society-wide progress in health, education, nutrition and family incomes.
ICCO (Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation)
ICCO finances activities which stimulate and enable people to organise dignified housing and living conditions. Includes news, projects, partners, alliances and instruments.
IICD Watch
A watchdog site which questions the Institute for International Cooperation and Development, which runs programs for volunteers abroad. It provides a critique of the programs value and suggests alternatives ways to volunteer overseas.
Independent Development Experts Association (IDEA)
Swiss NGO which looks at quality and effectiveness of development cooperation projects in the third world in order to improve their effectiveness.
Innovations in Civic Participation
A non-profit social change organization providing expertise, ideas, information, research, and advocacy support in the United States and worldwide to promote civic engagement through service.
Institute for International Cooperation and Development
Organization for volunteer opportunities in working hands-on in Africa, Latin America, Central America, South America, and India. Has sustainable development and education programmes.
Inter-community Development Involvement (ICODEI), Kenya
Organization working on HIV/AIDS education in Kenya, building libraries and pre-schools, encouraging micro-enterprise for women and providing health care for the people of Western Kenya.
A coalition of more than 160 humanitarian organizations working on disaster relief, refugee-assistance, and sustainable development programs worldwide.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)
Comprehensive coverage of conflict-induced displacement worldwide. The IDP database includes reports, news, maps and other resources pertaining to internally displaced persons.
International Service Agencies
Mission is to help people who suffer from hunger, poverty and disease or from the ravages of war, oppression and natural disasters.
ITU Telecom
Annual exhibition, forum and networking village includes information about events, abstracts and participation. Organized by the UN agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
King Baudouin International Development Prize
Describes the prize, which recognizes the actions of individuals or organisations that are making a significant contribution to the advancement of developing countries or mutual support between industrialised and developing countries.
Life for Relief and Development
Dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the world regardless of race, color, or cultural background. Offers humanitarian, health, educational, social, and economic services to victims of natural disasters, wars, and hunger.
An international relief organization, includes updates on aiding child radiation victims following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.
Light Up The World
Trains and equips social and non-government organizations to install low cost, low energy WLED (white light emitting diodes) lighting in areas that traditionally use kerosene lamps.
Maharashtra Foundation
Nonprofit organization coordinating and sending donations to charitable institutions in India. Also, active in the U.S. providing food for the homeless.
Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
A private, nonprofit international organization working in public health areas to improve management and access to critical health care services
The Marquis Project
A Manitoba based international development organization involved in local education programs for global issues, community development projects with overseas partners, and operating a Third World craft shop.
MBAs Without Borders
Empowering entrepreneurs by matching them with talented MBAs to build poverty-alleviating business solutions. Information on projects and how to get involved.
Mercy Corps
Focuses on disaster response, sustainable economic development, health services, and emergency and natural disaster relief.
Microloan Foundation
This registered charity lends small sums of money - typically less than £100 - to enable some of the poorest people in developing countries to build a better life for themselves.
Mir Pace International
Provides disaster relief and on-going development activities to restore the self-sufficiency and livelihoods.
Net Impact
International nonprofit inspiring, educating, and equipping individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. Information on professional and students chapters, conferences, projects and resources.
Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
Aims to improve quality of life in developing countries by encouraging dialogue about development policy with stakeholders though networks and the Foundation's think tank, and running healthcare and social development projects.
The ONE Campaign
An effort to rally Americans to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. List of member organizations, articles on their issues, ways to help, and success stories.
Charity which provides information about and raises funds for "pioneers" who work against the odds and are beacons in apparently hopeless situations. Includes descriptions of the work of these pioneers.
Operation Mercy
An organization committed to caring for needy peoples in North Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Operation USA
Assists developing communities here and abroad in addressing problems relating to natural and man-made disasters and chronic poverty through the creation of sustainable health, nutrition and disaster response programs. Provides essential materials, training, advocacy and financial support for such programs.
Outreach International
A human development agency striving to alleviate the injustices of hunger, poverty and disease by engaging people as partners in their own development.
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
ODI aims to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. UK.
Pact International
Works throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America to help build strong communities that provide people with an opportunity to earn a dignified living, raise healthy families, and participate in democratic life.
Padre Luis Jayme International Outreach
Provides material goods such as blankets, bulk food, medical supplies, clothing and toys to missions, orphanages and other Mexican and international assistance groups working directly with the poor. The program is part of Father Joe's Villages, an organization dedicated to changing the lives of people in need.
Panos Institute London
Panos produces information for media on global development issues with a developing world perspective. It provides news, radio programs, briefings on topics such as AIDS, environment, economics and women's health.
Plan International
Plan is a child rights organization working with communities in many countries to alleviate child poverty so that children can realize their full potential.
Population Services International
Nonprofit organization which seeks to increase the availability of health and population control products/services in low-income areas of the world.
Practical Action
A sustainable development corporation whose mission is to build the technical skills of poor people in developing countries, enabling them to improve the quality of their lives and that of future generations.
Relief International
A humanitarian, non-profit agency providing emergency relief, rehabilitation, and development assistance to victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts.
Right to Play
Organization working with volunteers and partners to use sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage. Fund raising, gallery, links, list of athletes, auction.
Spirit of America
Targeted assistance to help US military personnel provide assistance to local citizens in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
An Arab and Jewish political activist group demonstrates on the issue of mass detentions of Palestinians that also engages in humanitarian aid activity.
Take to the Hills
Organization that collects and distributes warm clothes, school supplies and basic medical supplies to the Sierra Madre mountains of Northern Mexico.
Third World Network Africa
A non-governmental organisation which carries out research and advocacy on issues of social and economic policy that advances the needs and interests of peoples of African and other third world countries. Includes articles, campaigns, networks, publications and links.
War On Want
Fighting international poverty by campaigning in the UK for a better deal for the world's poor, and working directly with poor people across the developing world - from sweatshop factories in Bangladesh, to the forests of Brazil.
The Water Project
Bringing clean, safe water to villages in Africa and India with water wells, filters and other water projects. Information on programs and how to get involved.
Winrock International
Assists the disadvantaged everywhere to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources and protect the environment using innovative approaches in agriculture, forestry, clean energy, leadership training and policy.
Women for Women International
Non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to financial, educational, and interpersonal support of women survivors of war, poverty and injustice.
World Accord
Canadian non-profit involved in development projects and education in developing countries around the world.
World Bicycle Relief
Charity specializing in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply chain management, technical knowledge and logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster recovery initiatives. Founded by SRAM Corporation and Trek Bicycles in 2005.
World Care
Independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to raise consciousness in education, health, environmental and community service arenas both locally and internationally.
World Hope International - Canada
A Canadian charity. The website has details of projects.
Worldhope International
Faith based relief and development organization alleviating suffering and injustice through education, enterprise and community health. - The 25 Best Givers
Profiles of the key donors around the world, developed by Barron's with Global Philanthropy Group, a top consulting firm. (December 06, 2010)

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