Organizations of women who advocate for political and societal change, and organizations which advocate for changes in the status of women.

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Concerned Women for America
US coalition of conservative women which promotes Biblical values and family traditions.
Feminist Majority Foundation
The Feminist Majority Foundation works for social, political and economic equality for women by using research and education to improve women's lives.
Feminists for Life of America
US. Promotes a feminism that embraces nonviolence and the equal rights of all human beings, including the unborn. Includes Spanish-language resources.
Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)
Struggles in opening up educational opportunities to the girls and women of Africa.
Justice for Girls (JFG)
Canadian non-profit that promotes support, justice and equality for teenage girls who live in poverty. Includes position papers and monitoring of news and government activities.
Pima County/Tucson Women's Commission
A non-profit organization and city/county commission dedicated to supporting women's issues including poverty, training, domestic abuse and education. Current projects include a computer skills program and mentoring middle school women.
REAL Women of Canada
Promotes equality for all women including homemakers, with emphasis on the family as most important unit in society, and champions traditional values of marriage and family life.
Rutgers University - Center for Women and Work
Dedicated to the economic and intellectual advancement of women across the education, income, ethnic, and occupational spectrums, and to challenging the status quo in the organizations that educate, train and employ them.
Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI)
An international non-profit organization dedicated to the support and promotion of women's rights at the local, national, regional, and global levels.
WAITS - Women Acting In Todays Society
A women's educational trust established in 1992. Supports women to address issues such as welfare benefits, social education, domestic violence, isolation, health, and crime and the fear of crime. Based in Birmingham, UK.
Welfare Organization for Women (WOW)
Pakistan. Non-political welfare organization to combat the dominance of men in society. Information on projects on women's health and legal status.
Women with Disabilities in Australia
A national organization for women with all types of disabilities.
A non-profit organization supporting land conservation, wildlife preservation, education and the empowerment of women worldwide.
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