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Sites that have a magazine or ezine component (e.g. regular updates, editorial, information) featuring women's interests or are written specifically for women, and exist exclusively as an electronic edition.

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Rona Maynard
Author, speaker and former editor of Chatelaine in Canada. Invites readers to read, post and connect with her and other women on this site, built especially for conversation.
21C Woman
A magazine site aimed primarily at women 40 and over. Articles on subjects from health issues to finance.
Amaze Magazine
Dedicated to organic, natural beauty, holistic, green living and eco-friendly content.
Bi-monthly magazine with celebrity interviews, fashion news and trends, beauty, health, lifestyle, technology, and interior features. Flash required.
Angela Tunner
Online magazine covering lifestyle, food, farm to table and travel. With daily articles and advice for better living.
Australian Women Online
Free online magazine featuring interviews with successful Australian women in business and other fields. Includes free forums and a directory of women-owned businesses.
Baggage Reclaim
Women's magazine cutting through the fluff, writing about the complexities of dating and relationships.
Bauce Magazine
An online self-help guide for multicultural women.
Beauty and Lace
Site features health, lifestyle, career, fashion and beauty articles.
Blog-based site with positive articles for 20-something women featuring occasional product reviews, contests, journal exercises, fashion and make-up tips.
A community of women members, experts and hosts exchanging experiences, encouragement, interests and advice.
Beyond 40 and Fabulous
A lifestyle website that provides information and opportunities for women over 40 to help them further enhance their personal and professional lives.
Beyond Black & White
Online magazine dedicated to African-American women interested or involved in interracial relationships.
Health and wellness articles for women.
Blog Chicks
A directory of over 4000 Australian women bloggers with tips and advice for getting the most out of blogging.
Byoutiful You
UK-based site dealing with health, fitness, beauty, fashion and celebrity news.
Café Splendor
Spiritual- and motivational-based site with a coffee theme, featuring art, fiction and articles.
Dear Vagina
Offering advice and tips to women on dating, relationships, health, beauty, style, and life. Also has a love doctor to answer readers’ questions on relationship problems.
Delectably Chic
Site targeting young, professional women, focusing on dining and style.
Independent daily online magazine and social network for Canadian women.
Dolce Dolce
Previews and archives of weekly newsletter featuring fashion, beauty, food and new products.
Esteem Yourself
Giving women the tools to build confidence and self-worth.
Weblog covering fashion, beauty, health, fitness and other topics of women’s interest.
An online lifestyle magazine and social network for women over 50 covering health, style, anti-ageing, relationships, finance, career and family matters.
Features aiming to bring together women to inspire, educate, unite, and support one another.
Online lifestyle magazine, issued monthly. With discussion forums in addition to feature articles and regular columns.
Generation W
A contemporary women's blog addressing heart, soul, body and mind.
Genius Beauty
Beauty and health website, with extra news on lifestyle and celebrities.
The Glass House Girls
A humorous ezine for women who aren't afraid to speak their mind.
Grand Ascent
Dedicated to helping women achieve success in an entertaining manner. Categories include business, finance, health, fashion, love and relationships.
Grrrl Zine Network
Directory of zines and a selection of articles for women, queers and trans folk.
Health & Happiness
Site for women that presents articles about health, happiness, and nutrition, with downloadable ebooks and slides.
Heart Touchers
A daily email list and web site aiming to publish inspirational true stories.
Her Daily
Blog-based site with celebrity gossip, entertainment news, beauty tips, parenting help, recipes, fashion and other helpful tips.
An online pioneer, this site covers style and trends, spa reviews, celebrity interviews, advice and reviews from apparel to the newest electronic gadgets.
Huffington Post - Women
News, reviews and articles geared toward women.
A women’s magazine from Egypt, featuring articles and advice on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, style and relationships.
In the Powder Room
Women's community focusing on current women issues, with articles about money, marriage, careers, relationships, health, beauty.
The Indie Chicks
An online magazine for the independent woman, covering beauty, attitude, entrepreneurship.
Jaipur Women Blog
Discussing success stories of women in areas such as social issues, relationships, and business.
Online magazine focused on celebrities, sex, feminism, and issues relating to women’s empowerment.
Kurama Magazine
Wellness, style and personal development with a focus on young Caribbean women.
Blog covering dining, recipes and personal anecdotes.
Features relationship and sexuality advice, romantic stories, dream guide and women's issues.
Leather Spinsters on the Web
Advice and articles on finances, health, fashion and motivation for single moms, divorcées and widows.
Life and Taste
Online magazine covering health, food, lifestyle, sex and relationships, travel, humour, beauty and fashion.
Life Love Beauty
Site about relationships, family, parenting, health, travel and beauty.
The Lily Review
Blog with information on beauty, health and relationships targeted at Kenyan women.
Mag for Women
Online magazine for women on health, beauty, fashion and relationships.
Diverse magazine featuring feng shui, literature, music, skin care, fitness, wellness and women's achievements. Some members-only content.
My Beautiful Life
A lifestyle magazine that explores personal growth, love, beauty, health and the spiritual and financial well-being of women of colour.
Lifestyle and entertainment site designed for women, with a range of topics including diet and fitness, food and recipes, entertainment (including horoscopes) and parenting.
Online magazine celebrating the new, empowered Indian woman.
Nia Lifestyle Guides
Beauty, style, and loving tips for women of colour. Allows readers to subscribe to daily lifestyle emails and gives open access to its archive of tips.
Ninepatch Online
Circle letters, shared by women about spirituality and life, with pictures, poems, essays and a forum.
No Just the Kitchen
Articles on beauty, diet and nutrition, family and relationships. Advice on financing.
New Zealand-based magazine for teen girls and young women.
Par Excellence Magazine
Top female executives share information on success strategies, finance, technology, health issues, travel, culture and lifestyle.
The Plain Jane
An unconventional zine for people who appreciate randomness. Filled with stories, off-beat articles, dating tips, reviews.
Pretty LookBook
A lifestyle magazine designed for contemporary women, featuring health tips, beauty, food, recipes and fashion.
Salome Magazine
A post-feminist web site for intellectual women featuring articles, essays, reviews, poetry and fiction, and inviting feedback on published pieces.
Savvy Woman
Site with content on beauty, health and lifestyle, committed to being a source for “all things women”.
Savvy Women's Magazine
Site blends fashion, lifestyle, beauty, health and humour.
An online woman’s magazine offering love and relationship advice, covering beauty, fashion and careers topics and recipes.
Online portal with general news as well as tips on dieting, business and relationships.
She 'Said'
Features articles on celebrity gossip, finance, news, career advice, beauty, food and retail therapy.
She Knows
Helps empower women through articles and discussion related to women's issues including beauty, relationships and parenting.
Female-friendly guide to products and services in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
Women's magazine offering articles on modern living, with interactive tools. Includes celebrity gossip, readers' albums, blogs and discussion boards.
Sophisticated Edge
Professionally researched guides how-tos and tips, aimed at mature women.
The Spirited Woman
A daily dose of positive news from a global team of women.
Original articles on relationships, business and other topics that entertain and enlighten. Includes archives.
Telling It Like It Is
Articles on family, relationships and parenting.
Tundraco's Daily Living Guide
Information, articles and book reviews on all aspects of daily life, from having a baby to emergency preparedness.
Vixen Daily
Quizzes, customized feedback and targeted advice to women seeking guidance on a variety of different issues, including dating and relationships, and health and fitness.
Monthly with a wide variety of articles written by a network of experts.
Woman’s City
Advice centred around love, dating, relationships and health.
Online women's magazine featuring articles on health, beauty, fashion, food and diet, and travel.
Women Talking
For women of all ages featuring online shopping, fashion, beauty, health, body and soul, parenting, business, careers, money, diet and relationships.
Women's Enews
Provides a non-profit, independent news service specializing in issues of importance to women.
Women's Journeys
Helps women empower themselves through sharing experiences on the tough issues.
An online portal for women linking to a dozen partner sites.
E-zine covering health, lifestyle, parenting, beauty, and recipes.
Womenz Magazine
Fashion, entertainment, fitness, weight loss and shopping advice.
Woolf Woolf
Feminist magazine, featuring sex-positive, body-positive, patriarchy-negative content.
World of Female
Articles on motherhood, parenting, the home, and entertainment.
Web magazine for women, with health, style and environment stories.
Celebrating and exploring feminine principles.
Love and relationship advice, entertainment and lifestyle news.
Zest Now
Information and inspiration on health, fashion, relationships, money and entertainment for women over 50.
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