A weblog is a website which contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage. Such a web site would typically be accessible to any internet user. An alternative term for such a weblog is blog. This category is for weblogs with links, commentary and personal journaling, and with titles starting with W.
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Thoughts on news and culture.
Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop
Political thoughts of a military veteran from Florida.
Walking Wounded
Thoughts of David Marlborough, a Gen-Xer.
Jason Wall's photographs, most of them from Saint Louis and the surrounding area.
Wandering In Elysium
Ranjit K Wilson writes about technology, management, and the world.
Wangjianshuo's Blog
Covering IT related material such as webcams and web servers as well as life generally in Shanghai.
The Ward-O-Matic
Art, animation, and anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Warm Verbal Tea
College graduate who majored in English reflects upon popular culture and life in general.
Warm Wine
Links and stories from Celia White, poet and librarian.
Waste of Tape
With one hand she giveths, and with the other she bitch-slappeths away.
A reflection of everyday life. The topics are widely spread as business, entrepreneurship, working, living, politics, Internet, programming, books, movies, cooking, traveling, dating, science, and art.
Touching on politics, culture, relationships, writing, and everyday life.
Posts of Los Angeles programmer Andy Baio, with a leaning towards web technology and the mass media.
Personal weblog of Los Angeles programmer Andy Baio, with a leaning towards web technology and the mass media. [RSS]
Wayne's Photos
Friends, family, flora, and fauna from the far south of Maine.
Waynne's Car Blog
Waynne's rants, raves and comments on a wide variety of topical and original motoring issues.
We can rebuild you.
Features original poetry, personal meanderings and thoughts on changes in life.
We Make Money Not Art
Posts of the odd and strange.
A Web Undone 2
Intertwining musings on literature, law, Linux, political folly, news, Morocco, and the author's irritation of the moment.
Young American woman currently residing in Sydney, Australia.
Webbed Up
Andrei Zaitsev's weblog on emerging technologies. [Atom]
Weblog Wannabe
When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when you're feeling sad, would remembering your favourite things work to make you feel not so bad?
WebMaster View
Weblog on web development, blogging and technology. [Atom]
Marketing, advertising, media and business - reshaped.
Website Woes
The trials and tribulations of a newbie webmaster as he designs a site.
Wee Wonderfuls
Life of a non-practicing librarian, a former vintage clothing site owner, and now a stay at home and craft it up mom.
Weekly Toll
A weblog for families who have had a loved one killed on the job, concerned safety professionals and government organizations that want change and awareness.
A Weird Soul
Personal weblog of Gaurav Sharma.
An exploration of technology, art, and social constructs.
The Weirdest Ones
An (almost) daily account of a fun, random, and weird life. Comes with everything you see here, including free, yummy Quotes of the Week.
This is the weblog of James Lescohier and the current happenings in his life.
Welcome to My World
Photographs, opinions, daily life and media commentary of media studies professor Edward R. O'Neill.
Well-Rounded Sciolist
Personal weblog with a focus on technology or whatever else interests me on the day.
A Welsh View
A daily mishmash of bizarre peculiarosities from a Welsh perspective.
What Do I Know
The daily weblog of Todd Dominey, Dominey Design, covering news and rants about web development, news, and the arts.
What Happens in Zembla Stays in Zembla
Twent-something married woman in Richmond, California who works as a graphic designer.
What I Wore
Every day, the proprietor of the site takes a photo of himself and posts it to the web. See what he's currently wearing, and explore the archives to see what he's worn in the past.
What I've watched and other stuff
Personal thoughts, rants, and reviews of my lift in film. All neatly stored.
What living in Spain is really like
Details about life in the Costa del Sol.
What the Hull?
Unfocused thoughts and unbalanced opinions from Hull.
What's John watching?
Commentary of movies, television commentary, webcasts, and live shows.
What's On My Head?
A semi-daily updated weblog concerning NBA basketball, music, politics, TV, and anything else thats appealing to me at the moment.
What's On Next
Personal weblog discussing the development of a TV discussion forum. Promotion of a TV discussion forum. Daily updates on website status.
Writer and music reviewer John Scalzi.
When I Ride My Bike
Informative news from my creative world, inspirational words and quotes, creative living projects, traveling and life explorations.
Where Rainbows End
Game links and fun stuff.
Where the Hell Was I?
Nothing but honest, heartfelt commentary on random events, many of which never actually happened. Plus some other stuff.
Where the Paved Road Ends
The thoughts and experiences of an innocent sheltered Catholic girl.
Where's My Dinner?
Swedish girl, obsessed with food and cats shares her thoughts, however incoherent they may be, with the world in general.
Where's My Mind?
Personal photoblog that is updated daily.
Whimsy's World
Opinions on current events, pop culture, computer games, and anything else that strikes the fancy of a liberal Christian, World of Warcraft addicted, genuine girl geek.
Personal weblog of Jim Robinson featuring articles on travel, music, movies, relationships, and more from a 30-something guy living in Washington, DC.
The Whiskey River
Viewing life through a half filled glass of bourbon.
Whispers in the Abyss
Gaming reviews, philosophy, metaphysics, engineering, and Libertarian politics.
White Gas
News, musings, pictures, and other stuff ostensibly related to fire performance.
Who is Matt
Unleashing his ideas upon the world via blog and online video.
Who will go for us?
A journal of a Christian seeker, father and avid reader, with discussions of all of the above topics, plus whatever else comes to mind.
A Whole Lotta Nothing
Nothing, and lots of it.
The Whole Story
Gaming, operating systems, pop culture, internet video, and science.
Why Bother
A hodgepodge of "Blank Generation" stuff, some serious, some tongue in cheek, most not quite right in the head.
Why Fly?
This year is the celebration of 100 years of powered flight. What's inspiring all these new pilots and how do they hope to use their newly learned skills?
Why's my Brain so Muddy?
Julie blogged again.
Whyspered Moments
One life one whyspered moment at a time.
The Wicked
Commenting on politics and news stories around the world.
Wicked Smaht Thoughts
Deep thoughts from the Hub of the Universe on life, work, and the world at large. Mostly work, though.
Wide Awake In Hoserland
One person's take on the political issues and challenges facing the United States.
Wilbury Twist
A new site dedicated to the music of the Traveling Wilburys.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of loose cats.
An ornery girl's reflections on life and how it annoys her.
ATCs and artwork from Spiralli of California.
The random ramblings of K Jones, a thirtysomething furniture salesman.
Will Lockie's Blog
Personal weblog of Will Lockie - stories about moving home and living in Brighton, UK.
Will Pate
A young liberal minded university student and citizen of the world.
Will Smith Nude
Daily updated news articles and gossip about Will Smith.
Will Work For Favorable Dicta
Life and times of a former military officer now a 2L at a law school in the Pacific Northwest.
William Burton
Commentary by William Burton on politics, international relations, economics, and society in general.
William Pramana
William Computer Weblog is a collection of information, tutorials, articles on all things about computers. The topics posted range from programming, networking, website development, software, hardware, and operating systems. [RSS]
Wind Lost
Terri is a 37-year-old engineer who has a wonderful boyfriend, a lovely new house, and a charming cat. She also lives with chronic daily headache.
WindMedia Photos
WindMedia weblog on photography, information technology, and other stuff interests Marc Windahl: editorial photographer, focuses on photojournalism, art, and sports photography.
Windowseat Weblog
Laurel Krahn's weblog. Links to tidbits on technology, webstuff, netstuff, TV, pop culture, media, and science fiction. Since Fall 1998.
WingWing talks about her life, family, friends, and other stuff.
Personal weblog with news of the Net.
Witness I Am
We are all witnesses. Commentary and observations from one of them. [Atom]
Wittering with Intent
Presenting views and comments on volunteering, travel, news items, medicine, nature and internet directories.
Life and college through the eyes of a would-be poet and a may-be astrophysicist, who loves the world.
Writes about speech applications, soccer, hacking, intellectual property, and incinerating toilets.
Wonder Blog
A young gay male living in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Wonderful World of Vette
Adventures in motherhood, long-term relationships, and working for the government in smalltown, USA. Enjoy the life and times of Yvette, Jeff and Nevin.
Wood S Lot
Daily gleanings in areas of arts, culture, mind-body, science and anything else that catches my fancy.
The Woolamaloo Gazette
Satirical comment, information on books and literary events and work-related topics.
Theological Christian thoughts and miscellaneous ramblings of a regular nerd.
A Word From The Right
Rants, ramblings and intemperate thoughts from an unapologetic conservative.
Features witty weblogs, photos of travels, and other arty diversions.
Work of Fiction
Bringing truths of life, complaining about work, and talking about music too much.
Computer book author Rogers Cadenhead on programming, gaming, the internet, and his life.
Working In The City
A personal weblog about juggling things while working in a city in corporate America.
The world according to me
A new perspective of a changing era.
The World According to Slinky
Hope you all enjoy my little ripple in the pond of life.
World Amazing Facts
Personal weblog of Paavan Solanki offer events, news, photos, poems and inspirational stories.
World Famous in the Philippines
The Whoas! Ooops! and Acks! of Jobert Vizcarra, a less than ordinary individual who would want to live a more than special life in the Philippines.
The World of kingFresh
Weblog, music opinions, general buffoonery.
The World of Stuff
Jordon Kalilich's website with a weblog plus the home for a lot of unrelated information.
The World of Stuff
Semi-geeky musings, links, and observations by an all-geeky teenager. [RSS]
World of Suck
A rant site. Not for the faint of heart, or those with a lack of opinion.
World Peace, Angry Penguins, and Miracles
Ranting about Canadian politics and current events.
Worth Reading
Philosophy, church history, and harmony between races and creeds.
Wretched Corporate Feebs
Wry Canadian lackies let loose.
Write Lightning
News, links, and comments on topics such as politics, science, health, religion, and the working life of writers.
Write Point of View
The musings of a science fiction and fantasy author. Tips and advice on writing with an emphasis on mythology.
The Write Soil
Dawn M. Hamsher provides writing exercises, blogging tips and fonts.
Writer's Blog
Peter Rorlach writes about social and political commentary on the United States as well as reviewing films.
Writing My Name in Water
A personal weblog featuring diary entries, photos I've taken, and commentary on personal growth, art, improv, acting, aesthetics, and other interests.
Writing My Name in Water
A personal weblog featuring diary entries, photos I've taken, and commentary on personal growth, art, improv, acting, aesthetics, and other interests. [RSS]

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